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    The JVC FX850..Woodie perfection?. (A review)

    How do these compare to budget ciems? Sent from my LG-E980 using Tapatalk
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    Starving Student PCB's

    You have to drill your own holes for the tube openings and such if you want to use this in an enclosure right?
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    The JVC HA-S680 - S400's and S500's big brother is here!

    Got them in yesterday, but i first got a listen before i sent them into the burn in. As of 20 hours ago, they didn't sound as good as something competing in the 100-150 market, but i'm hopeful that it will get there. The clamping force is a little worrisome at first, but I just put them around...
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    How to use cmoy with desktop?

    Is there any way to without using tons of 9V batteries? Are there other options in a similar price point that do the job?
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    Need help choosing between Siberia v2s or other headphones!

    My friend recently offered me Siberia v2s for 40$. I know they are gaming headphones, so are there any that are around the same price (+-10) that are better quality?   Thanks! 
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