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    The JPS Labs: Abyss AB-1266 Impressions Thread

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for .5m length RCA cables to connect the Chord Qutest to the Wells Headtrip II. Since this is my first "serious" setup, my knowledge of cables is seriously lacking. I realize that good cables aren't cheap and that maybe the Abyss 1266 TCs will be able to pick up on...
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    The JPS Labs: Abyss AB-1266 Impressions Thread

    Hi everyone, I have benefited a great deal from reading your postings. After quite a bit of time saving up and after several auditions, I decided to purchase the 1266 TC headphones. As excited as I'm feeling right now, I'm also confronted with the daunting task of spending money on a new amp...
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    STAX SR-009S new flagship electrostatic earspeakers released (with impressions)

    Hi everyone, I've been reading this thread for a while now and the previous response compelled me to post. Perhaps some of my questions could be answered as well. I am a grad student and have been saving for quite some time to upgrade my entire system. I have on several occasions listed to...
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    The Future of Audio pops up in New York City

      Anyone on here who lives in the area or who could, within reason, get to the the Sennheiser pop-up store, really should.  I stopped by on Sunday and had an unrestricted audition of the HE 1.  What can I say?  Is it really special?  Yes!  Is it the best headphone I've ever heard?  Yes!  Is it...
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    Luxman da-200 or Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA or Lehmann Audio Linear USB

    Hi Everyone!  This is my first post.  I would be very grateful for any advice/suggestions you guys may have.  I am looking for an amp/dac for my Macbook Retina and Grado PS1000.  I have narrowed it down to three choices: Luxman da-200, Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA, and the Lehmann Audio Linear...
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