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    Windows 10 Sample and Bit Depth rate

    Okay, thanks guys as this moves me in the right direction. Just needed the initial push.
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    Need to establish IEM baseline

    So I am looking at getting my first pair of 'real' IEM's and wanted just a bit of advice to get started. What should I look at around $100 mark (good round number but not set) that would be considered the universal value standard similar to the 58x or 6xx (or similar example) in headphones? I...
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    SMSL SP200 THX AAA 888 Balanced AMP!

    As a newbie here, I have what could be a dumb question but I 'll take the chance... Is the audible difference in fact attributed to the m200 outputting RMS of around 2 Vrms in RCA versus around 4 Vrms in XLR?
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    HiFiMan HE4XX

    I have had my 4xx since late 2017 and put them away a year ago once the pads began to fall apart. Decided to 'use them or lose them' and bought stock replacement pads. Used them with my Massdrop CTH and SMSL SP200 and they were fine but never excited me much. Just picked-up a new to me...
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    replacement headphone advice

    I am looking for something similar and was also recommended the ATH-R70x along with the iBasso SR2 and Focal Elex.
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    Ready to ask for advice

    Sadly, both suggested headphones are OUT OF STOCK everywhere. Any others that are similar that I should look at?
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    Grace SDAC vs Khadas Tone Board

    I have a Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid (CTH) w/ integrated Grace SDAC (AK 4452) and was switching between this combo and an external Khadas Tone Board (9038Q2m) and found that I prefer the Khadas. The Khadas seems to offer a tad more detail or brighter (not sure best term) which is a nice...
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    Ready to ask for advice

    The question: Help me upgrade to my next headphone The background: Fairly new to this and have the following gear: Sennheiser 58x Hifiman 4xx Massdrop CTH + SDAC S.M.S.L. SP200 THX amp w/ Topping E30 DAC older Schiit stack of Magni 3 and Modi 2 uber which I no longer use As you can see...