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    Sennheiser HD 800 - price control?

    Quote: Originally Posted by xkRoWx Then we have the squeeky headband. Try twisting them and you'll know what I mean. Now, why would anyone want to do that?
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    The HD800s in retrospect...

    Out of the cans I own, the HD800 is getting all the playing time. I don't keep track of how many hours they have, but I have been listening about 2-3 hours almost every night since I got them some months ago. To me, they are way ahead of my other cans, no comparison. They still grow on me, and...
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    My indecision baffles me.

    Quote: Originally Posted by LurkerJeff True, though I hardly consider myself an audiophile. I'm more of a perfectionist. Either that or I have a slight case of OCD lol. And thanks man, I appreciate your concern. I wonder why Patrick82 comes to mind... You haven't by chance...
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    Can't tell the difference...

    Quote: Originally Posted by ford2 Try not to worry about it,there is very little difference anyway,despite what some might say. Sure is not much of a difference. For those of you who are left on the surface, and never dive down into the depths of music, that is.
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    Bass MIA in Hd800's...may be a contentious post

    I think the HD800 does bass just right. Not too little and not too much. Sure, there are more bass heavy cans out there, but I feel the HD800 has the right amount. Not anywhere as much as the DX1000, which I can't understand all the prase for their bass quality, but that's just me, many seem...
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    Whoa! Cnet Reviewed HD 800 And PS1000

    Lol, you noticed too. Just make sure not to focus with the camera when taking the picture.
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    Canada Post tracking system question

    Thanks for your answers. Bob_McBob: Not sure, all I know is that there was an issue with PayPal and Expresspost for international shipping, so the seller chose Priority instead.
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    Canada Post tracking system question

    Waiting for a package which supposedly was sent on October 9th with Canada Post Priority International. As far as I know this is their premium shipping method. Still, today the 13th, it says they can not find the tracking number I got from the seller in their system. Anyone with experience...
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    Where did my headphone money go?

    Wow, lots of informative threads lately...Thanks for sharing!!
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    Oasis is no more

    I think I said it before, in an earlier thread too but anyway: Thank you for sharing the good news!
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    Removing and cleaning earpads of the hd800.

    Doesn't it say something about it in the papers which came with the headphones? I think I read something about it, I think it was in those papers. They are on my head, and I am too lazy to check it at the moment though...
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    EC Zana Deux tube rolling pls share

    Quote: Originally Posted by BobMajor His last post was on September 12th. Heard from David the other day, all is good. He's been tied up with work lately.
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    Are there any really quiet tube amps?

    The Eddie Current Zana Deux is dead quiet. The amp is unfortunately a step over your budget though.
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    EC Zana Deux tube rolling pls share

    Anybody heard from David Pritchard lately?