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    Just received Samson SR850, disappointed/confused with the sound quality

    Give them a few more days for your ears to adjust to them atleast, I quite enjoy mine.
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    Headphones under $100, well-rounded

    If you have the cash, the Q40 is a very good headphone. The (amazing)bass can be overpowering at times, but its fairly easy to tame with EQ. Otherwise I'd get the Superlux 681, which is basically the Samson 850, but it's $36 on Amazon at the moment.   Personally I prefer my 850s more for...
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    Best headphone for around 100?

    I can vouch that the Q40 is indeed a bass monster (with solid mids/highs as well), however I had significant comfort issues with them until I got some DT770 pads for 30 bucks. They may be a little above what you're willing to pay for, but if you're comfortable with buying used, you can probaly...
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    Picked up M-Audio Q40 - WOW

    Ordered some 770 pads, hopefully they'll help out with the comfort issues. Other than that they're still sounding epic. :)
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    SR850 Initial Impressions

    When I first got mine, I had a bit of trouble adjusting to the highs. Couldn't turn my music all the way up, had to EQ down the highs, etc. However after having them for a few months I've really gotten used to it. I think burn in helped some, but mostly my ears just got used to it. Now, I don't...
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    Picked up M-Audio Q40 - WOW

    Do they sound ok without an amp?
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    [Review] Superlux HD661, Superlux Did It Again!

    To those who have both, How do these sound compared to the Samson 850s?
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    Casual music lover looking for new headphones for 50-70 USD

    Thanks for the replys guys. I'm looking at the Samson SR850s now. I know they're open but other than that they look really great for what I want. Any thoughts?
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    Casual music lover looking for new headphones for 50-70 USD

    Alrighty well I'm looking to buy a new pair of headphones. I've done a bit of research but I would love a second opinion from you guys!   Here's all the info I can think of that'll help   My price range is around 50-70 USD I play alot of games (FPS, RTS and the like) I plan on using...
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