Head Gear Reviews by noknok23
  1. HiFi BOY Dream

    1.50 star(s)
    EDIT: this is an update after 6months. I tried very hard to keep using the hifiboy dream but I couldn't pretend anymore. There is way too much treble with a spike at 10khz that ruin the balance for a lot of musics even with full foam. The bass has no energy and no weight but it's impossible to turn up the volume because of the treble.. This go a bit better (I mean, less worse) when using an amp or perhaps heavy EQ but I don't think it's worth it. For that price you can find nicer stuff. Therefore I updated the rating from 4.5/5 to 1.5/5. I still...
  2. Aune B1S

    3.50 star(s)
    Aune is a Chinese company known for its minimal and sleek designed audio gear with a focus on high fidelity sound at a reasonable price. The aune B1s is the first overall upgrade of the well acclaimed aune B1. One of the best value in budget amps. The aune B1s has been lent to me by @ethosian on the case of a sponsored European tour. I have tested the amplifier for about week. I'll try to be as accurate and objective as my ears and my brain let me to be. #SPECIFICATIONS: Typical line output indicators Frequency response (from 10 Hz to 20 kHz)...
  3. Aiaiai TMA-1

    2.00 star(s)
    I got this headphones few years ago as my first Hi-Fi Headphones. I thought they were good because they did limited edition with stone throw records, a cult alternative hip hop record label. I was very happy with them for a few years because I never heard anything more than random earbuds and iem before. Then I found out about head fi and all the amazing stuff I got for cheap, Going back to these, I can't believe how terrible they are for 180,00euro Sound is muddy, lack of dynamics, treble roll off, small soundstage. They are overly dark and warm...