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    Audio-Gd DAC3: [DOA] - FIXED!

    he already mentioned that he brought the dac to his friend's place and swapped in the dac3 but it didn't work, so the fault doesn't lie with the computer's spdif/usb side.    
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    Audio-gd product info: Incomplete

    Quote: Except that this is hardly true. You can have the best measurements on paper with very generous use of negative feedback in the circuit, yet the amp can sound terrible. Just ask Charles Hansen (Ayre), John Curl (Parasound) what they think about NFB. Measurements are not everything...
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    Desktop speakers vs. my Senn 595s?

    Considering what the OP is using now (hd595), he'll find that the a2s don't have much extension, nor usable output. i say "usable output" because the thing with many ported speakers is, you can't get decent bass output at low-moderate volumes. You have to bump the vol up before you start hearing...
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    Review/Opinions on Studio Monitors (ADAM, Event, Mackie, Genelecs, Dynaudio)

    For electronic music, pass on the Adams, they won't give you enough bass. I'm not too fond of KRK since they can sound quite boomy with mid bass bloat.   Check out the dynaudio bm6a
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    Computer Speaker 2.1 Setup Suggestions

    Quote: They won't sound like your AT cans at all. The A7s has very little low end. They image well and produce a nice sound stage if the recording calls for it, but the highs can be rather fatiguing and too harsh. If you plan on getting them, be sure to audition them first.
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    Audio-gd Reference 1 DAC (56 K warning)

    i'm thinking of upgrading the entire middle board of my dac9mk3 to the dsp1 board. currawong and other guys who have replaced their ref 1 middle board before, could you guys tell me how difficult the replacement is?   i'm wondering if it's possible, after upgrading, to use the old board as...
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    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    Quote: I'm chinese and monkey king isn't exactly a cool mythical creature in asian culture, unlike a Phoenix.    
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    Recommend me some Japanese music

    T-Square, Casiopea and Mori. Probably not what i would consider experimental but they're nice japanese music lol
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    Audio-gd Digital Interface

    <USD200, probably as cheap/expensive as the hiface
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    Great News! Audio-gd plans to release new stand alone DPS3 module next month.

    Dang, now i'm thinking if i should hold back the hiface purchase. He's probably using the same Tenor TE7022 chip. I'm not too confident about the TE7022 chip to be honest, but i'm really hoping Kingwa comes up with something good. AG's tiny usb->spdif converter is waaay overdue!
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    M2Tech HiFace Mods and Discussions

    I'm must confess i'm a total newbie at DIY, so i might be talking out of my ass here. I'm wondering, is it possible to use these sort of regulators to mod the hiface?
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    Adam Audio A7 or Dynaudio BM5A

    Best to hear them both before making a decision. The adams are not everyone's cup of tea. The real problem after getting either one of these monitors is getting a proper volume controller, unless you don't mind controlling the left and right channels separately. Doing it that way is a huge...
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    Review of the Audio-gd DAC-19 DSP & C2 amp - The ACSS connection

    Hmm, someone please enlighten me why everyone's getting so hung up on the 'new' 24/96 usb? Just because it's 24/96 doesn't mean it's better. Sorry, i just can't see why it's such a big deal. Besides, if you're looking to get the best out of your AG dac, or any other dac for that matter, usb...
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    How much will you spend on a DAC to match a $1k pair of active monitors with balanced inputs?

    I was trying to search for more info on that Sonodyne but couldn't find a "SMK100". Did you mean the "SM 100 AK" instead? If it's that, it looks like the volume controls for the left and right channels are independent of each other, which is a huge PITA especially when it's almost essential to...