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    WTS: 2 sets of UE900's

    Update:  One set is sold, one is still available.  
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    WTS: 2 sets of UE900's

    I have three pairs.  As stated in the listing.  I am keeping my beater pair.  As stated in the listing.  It is spelled out pretty clearly   I have been completely honest in my listing.  Buy a set, or do not, that is your decision.  I myself am just trying to free up some funds to throw into...
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    WTS: 2 sets of UE900's

    Update:  one set is sold, one set is still available.   I have two UE900's that I'd like to sell.  I'm a firm believer in the "Two is One, and One is None" mentality...LOL!!! (It tends to get me into a bit of trouble LOL).  This time I wound up with three!!!  Either way some of my other...
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    Pin broke off in TF10 socket...what to do

    I hope it works for you.  Let me know what happens!!!  
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    Pin broke off in TF10 socket...what to do

    I normally use the instant Gorilla Glue, or 60 second epoxy for the best results.  
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    Pin broke off in TF10 socket...what to do

    if there is a little bit sticking out get a toothpick, or straighten out a paperclip and put a very very small drop of superglue on the end of the paperclip.  gently touch the small portion of the pin sticking out with the "glued" paperclip and stick it to the pin.  Hold it there and let the...
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    Best ciem

    That is some great advise!   
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    Do the iems have too sparkly treble?

    My 535's are definitely sensitive to the quality of the file being played.  Good quality sounds great.  Lower quality files give them trouble at the high end with "s" sounds like stated above.  
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    Sol republic Ultra's Or Sol Republic Hd's

    I didn't care for either of Sol's you mentioned.  They were decent, but for roughly the same price I was impressed with the Monster DNA in-ears.  They have quite a bit more clarity in the low, mid, and high freq's.  They sound like what the Beats probably should have sounded like.  The bass...
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    Strange impression my first Balanced Armature IEM (UE700)

    I don't have the 700's, but I have the 600's and 900's.  They definitely need a good seal in order to get the full spectrum.  Once I got a good seal the bass with the 600's really came through.  I wouldn't call them bass heavy, but definitely more than what I'm used to in a single BA.  The 900's...
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    Bass IEMs

    Not sure for the $50 price range, but the Monster DNA buds have plenty of bass without going all "beats" everywhere.  They sound pretty good.  The mids and highs are pretty well defined, but subdued.  However, not subdued enough to be annoying.  Very fun buds.  Not audiophile by any means, but...
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    Ultimate Ears UE 900 Discussion and Impressions Thread

    Both my set's are 1237.  Both have many hours of listening time on them, no issues.  Guess I got lucky, but I'll keep an ear out and post if something changes.  
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    Looking for new IEMS

    Quote:   +1 very good choice for that price!
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    $80-120 Earbuds Suggestions? [Shure SE215, Etymotic mc5]

    I really like the UE600's, just great overall.  Very nice bass, and the detail and clarity of an armature (they definitely DO NOT sound thin at all).  I think they retail at $120.  They are very user friendly and can be worn over the ear, or down.  I'm pretty impressed with them.    My wife...