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    The JVC FX850..Woodie perfection?. (A review)

    these are the cables that come on Shure's new SE846, which are $1k on amazon. But the cable is $35...
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    The JVC FX850..Woodie perfection?. (A review)

    awesome, danlam! I'm convinced these shure cables are simply better all around than the stock jvc's by a decent margin. Looking at the new specs for the FX1100, which appears nearly identical to the fx850 except for cable/soldering(?),  I'm wondering if our little shure-cable hack might approach...
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    What were your largest and most radical Hifi gear changes?

    In the period of 2-3 months, I went from a complete solid state hifi rig (revel gem speakers, REL sub, Rowland monoblocks, and BAT preamp) to an all tube rig (Audionote E, Meishu, DAC 3.1x, etc.). And i've never been happier...
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    Before and after pics - CURSE YOU HEAD FI!

    Before headfi = Apple Powerbook, Etymotic 4P After headfi = Apple Powerbook, Etymotic 4P, Alessandro MSPro, Audio Technica W2002, Cary 300sei w/ Tungsol Roundplate, Sylvania 6sn7w, Emission Labs 300b, Poth Audio modified DAC, Poth Audio cables Total..... a lot. I shudder to think. lol
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    Bedroom Setup

    My bedroom rig is my main headphone rig, and happens to be my only current rig at this point (main rig is undergoing SERIOUS overhaul). Here's a shot....and yes, that's a heater/ac unit everything is sitting on (new york, gotta make do what what space you have!)
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    Best DAC for under $1000?

    FWIW, the nixon tubedac+ with power supply and the right tube can be pretty darn impressive, in my experience. I've listened to the following DAC's: ack, benchmark, msb link, bel canto dac1. To me, the tube brings out a little bit more life from the music, with very detailed highs and mids and...
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    How Much have you spent on your headphone setup????

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn Even the part of your rig you brought to the meet was awesome, I'd say you're done too - man those MS-Pros were so light, lighter than even the plastic SR-200 - maybe because the SR200 have a steel rod in the headband versus whatever is in the modern...
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    How Much have you spent on your headphone setup????

    You can pretty much make a "guesstimate" as to how much people have spent just based on what they list as their system. And, telling by your sig, you have not been stingy about your headphone gear! lol..
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    How Much have you spent on your headphone setup????

    Headphone rig, probably around $4k. And I'm done for a long long time.
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    Need power amp recommendation for hard to drive speakers

    For around that price range don't cross off the Balanced Audio Tech VK-200 amp. It's 100x2, but doubles to 200@4ohms and again to 400@2ohms. Plenty of current for the Mani, I suspect. It has been driving my Revel Gems with authority and musicality. good luck!
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    Great review, mbratrud. How bout posting your impressions in a new thread? I'm sure many of us will benefit from it
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    Self-Built Headphone stand - What do you think?

    That's really a very neat design! I've been searching everywhere for a quality, attractive (exotic hardwood) headphone stand, but unfortunately the choices available out there are dismal. After much searching, the only real options I've come up with are stax, paper towel holder, or banana stand...
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    (READ THIS!) RE: R10s - Super Interesting Conversation With a...

    I say just do it. These are not going to be available anymore, the way I see it. Go for it, keep it, don't even think about selling it, and be happy.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by malky I am thinking of Sony MDR CD 3000 or Audio Technica ATH W 1000,I like to hear music as the musicians have recorded it and intended it to be heard nothing added or detracted.I also like a clean tight musical bass line not awsome or bass dominant but well...
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    NYC Sony Qualia meet TAKE #2

    My goodness that's a beautiful stand... :::drool:::. I'd probably buy one (or two) in a heartbeat.