just an old school still going strong into hifi and recently getting back to portable audio
Headphone Inventory
audio technica ATH-M50, akg K314P, koss portapro
Headphone Amp Inventory
fiio E5, Neco V3.1 (ask me why !)
Source Inventory
pioneer LX-50, western digital SMB (for 24bit/192KHz content), a relic sansa E200, sony NWZ-A866
Cable Inventory
QED silver & anniversary
Power-Related Components
pioneer LX-83
panasonic 50VT30


ATH-M50, IE-80, FXT90, MH1C, K314P,portakspro, Fiio E5, Neco V3.1/OPA134, Pio LX-50, Wd SMB (24bit/192KHz content),E200V1, Clip+ rb,NWZ-A866, QED silver, Pio LX-83(the big master!), B&W 601-S2 (quad!),50VT30
oldies: Dynaco PAS3 & ST70, Stax SR-1, Wharfedale speakers on marble, Collaro LP driver + Ortofon