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    InEarZ (Fisher Hearing) Custom Remold Owner's Thread

    Just did my used JH16 Pro remolds with Fisher Hearing. I bought them used $650 and sent them off with impression the next week. According to UPS, they were delivered on May 24 but when I called, I was told that they were received on the 27th. I just received them today (July 5th), a pretty...
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    What are the top 5 portable bass head headphones that are good on an ipod touch 4g without an amp?

    Anything in the Sony XB Series DT770 Pro 80 Ohm D2000 Ultrasone Pro 900 ATH M50s   Those are the most common ones you're probably going to be recommended. As for sacrificing clarity, that's just what happens when it comes bass. Maybe DT770 because they're also bright but the midrange...
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    Where do I begin?

    Qualitywise, lossless is lossless. FLAC vs. ALAC makes no difference but some people really like to use foobar2000 for it's small footprint and it's flexibility (i.e. you can customize it). foobar2000 can also be made to play bit-perfect playback which some say sounds better than the regular...
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    Which USB DAC option is best for audio from a PC?

    Quote: Audio quality? Not really. There's a setting switch in the back where you can put it as "calibrated" for constant volume from the DAC and bypass the volume knob or to "variable" in which you can use the knob. Supposely, analogue volume control is better because digital controls only...
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    Denon D2000 or Beyer DT150 or Senn HD-25

    If you're not in need of portability and noise isolation, get the D2000, it's just a fun pair of headphones. The bass on them will be close to your Ultreasones than the HD-25s. The HD-25 sound stage was too small and it completely lacked any excitement in sound. It does isolate incredibly well...
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    Which USB DAC option is best for audio from a PC?

    Quote: I'm biased but Benchmark DAC1 USB, ignore fancy cabling and just go with any cheap USB cable. Objective or subjective, forget clean, smooth, neutral, Benchmark is just an extensively and well measured product. It'll pull a bit-perfect signal out of most programs even iTunes (they...
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    I feel petty, but this annoyed me ...

    What's the headphone the guy was auditioning? Yeah, I get how you feel. No need to feel petty. He is the customer but you're not Wal-Mart, the customer isn't always right for you. And what exact artists was he into?
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    Realistically, how much can upgrading the HP cable improve sq?

    I'd say maybe in a few headphones? Personally I bought an used K702 with stock and a $150 bronze cable, never heard a lick of difference. Of course that' just one case and might not be true of all cables.
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    Where do I go from the AKG K240 Studio?

    At my peak I used the K702s for maybe 2 hours at a time and have never experience pain or discomfort. Usually after a few minutes, you forget they're there. Make sure you get the K702, the detachable cable is a precious resource (not that you need to upgrade or the cable breaks easily, it's just...
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    ATH-M50s make me angry

    Quote: Agreed. But I don't think most of the people are discrediting the OP (maybe except for the monkey balls comment. That was just funny yet unconstructive). There's more than just large sound stage in speaking of clarity. For me, I liked my IEMs over the ATH-M50s and the ATH was...
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    HD600 vs K601 vs Q701 vs your idea.

    Quote: Well I said the LCD-2 and you said that it was too much of your budget. My idea was that you'd pay $900 maybe a little more for the LCD-2 and pick up a sound card that is considered a good DAC and could drive it well for $150. Tack on shipping for both you got yourself around $1200...
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    ATH-M50s make me angry

    Well you do get pay a lot less for custom work + microengineering in full-sized cans. Personally, I wasn't too amazed with the ATH-M50 straight out of an iPod and thought my SE535 sounded better. And that was an universal IEM.
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    HD600 vs K601 vs Q701 vs your idea.

    Pick up a used LCD-2 Rev. 2 with a Asus Essence STX/ST. Not a top regarded amp/DAC combo but headphones do offered the most most improvement of the chain. And also the HD600 and Q701 aren't really the most engaging headphones. So neither of them would be the best of the best for metal. Never...
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    Studio Headphones?

    K702 hands down.
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    proper burn in technique

    play music through them and listen as you burn in. It's part of the experience.