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    Comment by 'nikon6' on listing 'Sennheiser IE-900 (SOLD)'

    Yes, but I know they're backordered. Just seeing if anyone who's not price sensitive needs it first. I'll lower the price soon
  2. Sennheiser IE-900 (SOLD)

    Condition is like new. Original invoice available (July 2021). All photos are of the actual set you're buying. Packaging is complete, including three cables: 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm, 4.4 mm. Shipping cost to be added, depending on the location and speed of service (express/non-express). Paypal fees...
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    Chord Mojo 2 Thread ___ [product released January 31, 2022 -- starting on page 95 of thread]

    Yes, yes, yes. . . . that would be a game changer! And keep the $600 price tag . . . . or lower
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    The Entry Level Stax Thread

    I've been eyeballing the Ares II for a while but after this thread, I'm pretty much sold
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    The Entry Level Stax Thread

    If I'm willing to throw 3 grand at my first Stax setup, what would you guys recommend including a DAC? Super curious as I'm still not able to make sense of the energizer lineup after much research. Thanks!
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    The Entry Level Stax Thread

    Hey guys, I'm ready to step into electrostats and want to spent 2kish or less. I've decided to try the 700s over the 300s because why not. Do you guys have a better recommendation over the 700's to start with? Do you recommend any DACs that are nicely paired which whatever energizer I get...
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    Calling all JH16 Pro owners

    I owned a pair for 10 years until they got stolen a few years ago. I was a newbie audiophile when I bought them but I never remember them being too bright and sibilant.
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    point of diminishing returns - end game?

    This is a very great question you present. I've been pondering the same question for a while, if not only in my subconscious. I started with some $500 Shure 535 then moved to $1200 JH-16 Pro then moved to . . . on and on. Now I rarely think twice about dropping a few grand on something I've...