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    "Soulja Boy" may quit makin' music?!

    THis is the best news I've heard in a long, long time. I watched Soulja Boy's "performance" at the BET Awards last week. Wow. It was the worst disaster I've seen on TV. Considering the meaning of many of those lyrics I'm not surprised that the basic cable TV performance looked like a mime show...
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    It's been awhile since I've been on here...

    Quote: Originally Posted by ChoosexYourxFate " Those phones are for kids that will no doubt crank the volume to near max." If the child has an Ipod, you can easily set a volume limit, that locks it to whatever level you set the bar at. IIRC... Yes, even as far down as the 2nd...
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    It's been awhile since I've been on here...

    Quote: Originally Posted by ChoosexYourxFate Nothing. It's just that I've read high SPL's can be damaging. So I had looked for an IEM with good sound and a low SPL level. Which I believe the UE's for Kids are about 80 SPL. Instead of like 105 +, like most IEM's are. I listen to my...
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    best female vocals EVAR.

    Wow, just beautiful. She proves that the entertainment industry is wrong. There are far too many "pop" singers that absolutely cannot sing, but they get the contracts because of their looks. And I see "snotty, 20-something b**ches" are worldwide. Did you see the girls laughing and rolling...
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    Where is the true home (birthplace) of rock and roll?

    Cleveland, Ohio. WJW Radio. Alan Freed. The music may have existed before, but the name "rock and roll" was born in Cleveland. Without that, who knows what we would call that genre of music and what this thread would be called today.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by zenzsh Browsing the site and some of their headphone cables are made from "aluminum foil" Just thought that was hilarious. /end (sigh) You owe me a minute of life!
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    Bassheads Only? Sony Announces "Extra Bass" Series

    Quote: Originally Posted by Audio-Fi Wear those outside and you'll get punched randomly in the face. And you'll get robbed. Although I don't think the the robbers would want the fuglyphones!! ortaprofuglyphonesmiley:
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    Tiny wireless In-ear-Canalphones

    What kind of job do you have that you could wear headphones all day?? I'm sure Head-Fi'ers will be lined up around the block for that!!
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    Music Is Dead: iPods and Young People Have Utterly Destroyed Music

    Damn young people. Always scapegoated for everything!
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    IEMs bad for your ears?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MegatronRx Audiologists and ENTs sell custom molds because they make money off of them. Putting something in your ear is unnatural and should only be recommended for people who have hearing disorders or other ear complications. IMHO, if you don't have any...
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    Katy Perry

    Quote: Originally Posted by wonderwall I laugh at the people calling her music stupid and crap while showing their own lack of brain cells through disgustingly objectifying her. Get a life and gtfo the thread if you don't like an artist. I would say the same for ANY artist, hating and...
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    Katy Perry

    Katy Perry... Should be SEEN and not HEARD!!!
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    Skullcandy mocks head-fi

    Quote: Originally Posted by tintin47 This has got to stop. First, all of the anti bose and skullcandy threads should be locked immediately. Second, bose is not one of the worst headphone brands. Their products are overpriced, but they are really good at active noise canceling and are...
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    Favorite Band Names!

    Rancid Avenged Sevenfold Hatebreed
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    IEM's for motorcycle riding?

    IEM's for motorcycle riding? (sigh) (facepalm)