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    Never forget your first...

    Sony MDR-EX71. Even though its quality wasn't exactly outstanding, back then I found them best earphones ever - great bass, soundstage etc. Of course my viewpoint changed completely when I bought something better - Shure E3c :)
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    I'm more than happy to start this feedback thread. Shauntell47 bought an iPod Mini from me and the whole deal was flawless. Prompt payment, great communication. Highly recommended.
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    FS: Ultimate Ears 5 v2 *price drop*

    BUMP. If you have any specific offer in mind, don't hesitate to PM me.
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    FS: Ultimate Ears 5 v2 *price drop*

    Hi, The IEMs are in perfect condition (they are only couple of weeks old, all tips except a pair in M size are new). All accessories included (4 pairs of tips, carrying case, box). Price: 100$ shipped worldwide
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    FS: iPod Mini 2G 4GB blue $OLD shipped worldwide

    Sold, thank you for your interest.
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    Bought from Torben an iPod Video. The whole deal went smoothly: great communication and fast shipment. Highly recommended.
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    I'm glad to be the first one to provide some positive feedback to David. I bought an UE 5 from him. Great communication and really fast shipment. I would deal with him again on any occasion. Highly recommended.