Headphone Inventory
1) Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro - 250 ohms
2) Philips Citiscape Downtown

3-) Apple Dual-Driver IEMs (the left side distorces a little bit)
4X) Creative Aurvana Live! (junction broken)
Headphone Amp Inventory
1) FiiO E17
2) FiiO E6
Source Inventory
1) Nokia Lumia 920 - I know, it is not the best sounding thing in the world but it is my phone and I love it, ok? :P
2) FiiO E17, using it as a DAC
3) Samsung Galaxy S Duos, with an acceptable Qualcomm chip (maybe better than my 920).
Music Preferences
Mainly Electronic (Synthpop, D'n'B, Chillout, and much more), Rock and Folk, but I am quite wide-listening.
My :
I am currently studying Audio Engineering at Nuova Audio Musicmedia, Milan.