Right now...obsessed with the ASTELL&KERN (A.K JR)
Love my Audeze LCD XC's.
Got my first pair of IEM’s. the I0’s and now (2020) have sold them and upgraded to the ATLAS’s !!!

I also love my CYRUS CD i. A real game changer. :) the Cypher Labs Algorythm Trio. Bloody unbelievable warm fuzzy tube sound. Love it.

Chord qutest dac is a huge step up in my audio world. Great marriment with the cyrus cd i
December 6
Building a clever HIFI audio empire. :)
Running Marathons and the art and science behind sound recording.
Headphone Inventory
Audeze LCD XC-- 2018 model
Campfire Audio — I0 IEM’s. (Sold)
Campfire Audio— ATLAS IEM’s (2020 purchase.)
Blue MO-FI headphones from Blue Mic (strictly for travel use only.)
Sennheiser HD 800's
V MODA crossfades LP 80's
Sennheiser wireless SR 65
SONY MDR Z-7's ( with stock cable 4 conductor cable at the moment)
Panasonic PA-HT710's. ( my very first pair of curcumural headphones)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Harman Kardon Avr 130 op-amp
Burson Soloist SL
FiiO E17
Cypher Labs Algorythm Trio Tube Amp
Source Inventory
ASTELL&KERN JR. (64 gig)
OPPO BDP 83 ( Blu-Ray SACD player)
* CYRUS CD i with PSXR-2 external power supply. :)
Chord Qutest DAC
Zero Zone Linear Power Supply (5V 6a)
Cable Inventory
Custom Cans (U.K) 42 strand litz copper cable 4ft for LCD XC's)
Nordöst-- Blue Heaven (Leif. 0.7 meter 3.5mm double ended)
Audio sensibility-- IMPACT SE 3.5 stereo to RCA OCC COPPER 0.7m
KIMBER CABLE custom for SONY MDR Z-7'MUC-B12SM1 (4ft)
Phantom premium RCA phono Cable and Coxial cable.
FiiO litz copper mini to mini aux cable
ROCKET FISH coaxial cable
ARCAM optical cable
Monster HD cables (premium.)
Audioquest KING COBRA Perfect Surface Copper RCA dual interconnect.
Pangea AC-9se power cord. 7 AWG
Sennheiser stock 8 stage copper cable.
Kimber Kable- 3 12ft 4PR 13 AWG copper cables
Audio sensibility-- 1 ft ANALOG out to Mini for Astell & Kern JR.
Power-Related Components
Harman Kardon Avr 130 55 watt receiver
BOSE Acoustimass 10 speaker home theater system with twin woofer bass module (540 watts of juice
Furman STP 8 power line conditioner with EVS and LiFT technology
Other Audio Equipment
FiiO Alpen E-17 portable DAC
I pod nano (1st gen 4gig)
I pod nano (4th gen 16gig)
I pod touch(8gig 4th gen)
I-Phone 4S

JVC dual speaker stereo (250 watts) model # MXJ500

Sony Blue ray/cd player (BPD 565)
Samsung PAL DVD player
Audio-Related Tweaks
Cable upgrade for Sennheisers (HD 800's)(ALO audio reference 16 copper/silver stage cable. The best!!!)

Replaced stock Bose home theater speaker cables with kimber 4pr's.
Music Preferences
Progressive rock and metal.
Symphonic prog
Goth(doom metal) and rock (just give me some damn FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM to listen to and I will smile.)
I love cooking gadgets like food processors and high wattage blenders.


LCD XC's/HD 800's + Burson Soloist SL + Chord Qutest DAC + Cyrus CD i/ PSXR-2 intelligent Power Supply and Zero Zone LPS