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    societal impact of New SAT?

    With how destitute reading and writing seem to be, I'm more worried about how the general public's attitude will change towards writing. For example, most people have the general assumption that a high SAT or ACT score must equate to a large intellect, and that low scores mean the exact...
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    iPod -- Fifth Generation and Beyond: Trends?

    Old romance indeed Although Apple is very good at advertising, they can only go so far with innovation + iPod... I think that after the 5th gen, future adjustments to the iPod will be centered heavily on the change in the PC market. Several points have already been made (and can be seen)...
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    New iPod Shuffle

    Quote: Originally Posted by PFRfan After thinking about my earlier thread... Apple moves a lot of DAPs because they've been making very good DAPs. This one is not a good one as a stand-alone product, but their sheer momentum may make it successful. It is clearly beat out of the box by...
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    New iRiver H10

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    Iriver IFP-190T arrived, comes with headphones

    Hey, better or not it all boils down to what you prefer. Now why it is you prefer such things... well, no one cares So take it easy, it's hard being a lurker and seeing these forums get all hostile.
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    Awesome deal on Muvo 2 guys.

    I won't argue with that, but for many people who wanted a simple, small, and versatile USB mp3 player... for under $200? This usually doesn't make it under their budget lines but it definitely has now.
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    Awesome deal on Muvo 2 guys.

    Creative Nomad Muvo TX 256mb MP3 Player for $69.99 Shipped Free It's at buy (dot) com. You need a $10 coupon to get it to $70.00. Definitely snagging one of these when my mom gets home tonight! [Edit: Woops, sorry about the title spoof... I think I need to brush up on some things again =P]
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    HAROLD & KUMAR Go To White Castle

    Never before have I farted so much after eating something. (And I'm lactose intolerant!) Thank you White Castle, you gave my friends and family a week of torment. They smelled like onions/super beefy ones, if anyone was curious
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    World's best AB workout!!!

    Mind if I get a PM?
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    Anyone interested in anime?

    Cowboy. Bebop.
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    Don't buy batteries from!!!

    A good website for reporting good or malicious online retailers is It's used a bit more for computer parts, but it'd still be good to report it on there for EVERYONE on the internet to know
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    Best Flash game EVER! Oh man is it good.
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    Sony CD3Ks

    lol, what a bunch of thread crappers
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    meta42 max-out

    hey, im as lost as you are when it comes to amps LTUCCI, andr... if u could send some info my way because im confused thatd be appreciated (links work)