Head Gear Reviews by NeonHD
  1. DQSM Hermit

    4.00 star(s)
    When you hear the name "DQSM" it probably sounds like some random chi-fi brand that you probably couldn't care less about. That was my initial reaction when hearing about the DQSM Hermit, but I decided to take the bullet anyway and try it out for myself. The good news is that the hermit certainly transcends its obscure branding, both in sound quality and build quality. UNBOXING BUILD QUALITY AND DESIGN I personally love the all-metal build, it's very heavy and feels very premium. And unlike the typical over-ear "pseudo-custom-fit" IEMs that...
  2. TRN M10

    3.00 star(s)
    TRN M10 Review Good, but not really. INTRODUCTION TRN is no foreigner in the budget IEM game, but is its new $13 M10 a gem or just another average budget IEM? Well, the title basically says it all, but let me explain everything. UNBOXING ▲ Comes in the typical TRN box, nothing fancy but I like it. ▲ ▲ I like how its presented. ▲ ▲ Inside the box you get a typical TRN braided cable, a set a standard tips, and the usual leaflets. Note that the cable uses a custom 2-pin design so it will only be compatible with the M10. ▲ BUILD AND...
  3. JBM MJ8600

    4.00 star(s)
    INTRODUCTION With regards to the world of Chi-fi, JBM—alongside with Awei—are the main players when it comes to dirt cheap IEMs below $5. The JBM MJ8600 is one of their best ultra-cheap IEMs which I’ve briefly listened to a few years back. This review is just a reflection upon my previous experiences with it. BUILD, FIT, & ISOLATION: Design looks simply great, especially with the metal build. No problems with fit, and isolation is slightly below average. SOUND SIGNATURE: BASS: The low-end is quite possibly the best part about these earphones...
  4. House of Marley EM-JE030-DR Uplift Drift In-Ear Headphones

    3.00 star(s)
    As much as I want to get talking about the sound, I can't deny that these are built very nicely. The high quality fabric cable along with the wooden housings with the aluminum accents just look amazing. Unfortunately the sound quality just doesn't match the nice build quality. Sound Quality Let me put it this way: they don't sound bad, but they don't sound good especially for around $20. Sure there's a lot of bass, good mids, and a polite amount of treble, but overall the sound is really artificial. Sound signature: This is just your typical...
  5. iFrogz Chromatix Earbuds

    3.50 star(s)
    You never know what sort of hidden gem awaits for me at Winners, a Canadian clothing store chain that apparently sells as much earphones as their beauty products. Today I explore the iFrogz Chromatix Earbuds, which quite surprised me among the usual crappy earbuds Winners has to offer. I bought these expecting a mediocre to poor sound quality, and to my surprise I was wrong. ======================================================================== SOUND QUALITY In terms of sound signature, they are warm and quite natural sounding, almost leaning...
  6. JVC HA-FR201

    2.00 star(s)
    So I saw these for 15 bucks at Winners and I said why not pick these up as it's from a well-known brand and I've heard many things about them, and so I did....... but after a quick 10 minute listening session on the bus I regretted my decision. Build Quality: As you would expect with an all-plastic build, they feel very cheap and the design is unappealing in my opinion. Although despite feeling cheaply made the build seems fairly robust and the 90° angled plug looks pretty sturdy. Isolation: They are not good noise isolating IEMs that's for sure...