Waterloo, ON, Canada
Avid EDM Producer and Gamer
Headphone Inventory
My Favorite IEMs include the Sony MH1C and almost every IEM from KZ (ED3, ED9, ATE-S, HDS3, ZS6)

A list of every Chi-fi I have ever owned:
• Knowledge Zenith (ED2, ED3, ED9, ATE-S, ATR, HDS3, ZS6)
• Awei (es900i, es500i, a920bl)
• Rock Zircon
• Swing IE800
• Uiisii HM7
• Remax RM-565i
• JBM 8600

A list of every other IEM I have ever owned:
• Sony MH1C
• Panasonic Ergofit
• iFrogz Chromatix
• House of Marley IEMs
• And a bunch of other random IEMs that I bought from Winners

Headphones aren't my thing, but I actually have a really good pair of cans that I got for CAD $15, they're branded the Ableplanet Linx Audio but I think it's probably discontinued. Probably planning to invest in the Superlux HD681 in the future.
Source Inventory
Xduoo X2, Smartphone
Audio-Related Tweaks
Dolby Atmos EQ plugin, frequently shoves pieces of foam into IEMs to tweak the sound sig to my liking.
Music Preferences
By Feel: Calm, Relaxing, Uplifting, Bright, Moody, "Dreamy", sometimes Energetic

By Genre: Trance, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Deep House, Chillout, Chill hop, Ambient.

Other than pop, I'm not really into any conventional genres (jazz, rock, folk, indie, alternative, etc.), but I do like the kind of whimsical sounding music played back in the late 1920s to 50s in the US, don't know how to describe it lol.

And other than mood and genre preferences, I honestly like any sort of music as long as it is acoustically pleasing to the ears and makes use of the sense of space and distance to create an immersive 3D soundstage. If you have any headsets with very good instrument/stereo separation and soundstage, you definitely know what I'm talking about.


Favourite IEMs: 1) TRI I3 2) LZ A6 3) KZ ED9 4) Moondrop Blessing 2 5) NiceHCK M6
Headphone Gear: Sennheiser HD599 SE
Primary source: Hiby R3 (ES9028) | Secondary source: Hidizs AP80 (ES9218P) | Tertiary source: LG V30 (ES9218P)

"Once a chi-fi addict, always a chi-fi addict"