Neil Manalo, 22 years old, fitness junkie, gamer, music lover, not your so average Joe.
Music, Fitness, MMA, Jiujitsu, Muaythai, Games, Instruments, Movies, etc.
Music : Currently playing the Violin, Piano, Guitar and Ukulele. I also compose and write music from time to time.

Fitness: Kickboxer/Muaythai fighter, amateur mma fighter, and a Jiujitsu practitioner.

Games: Avid player of different games. Big fan of the FF series, Suikoden series, and regularly plays DOTA 2

Movies/TV: I love watching TV series (GOT, Walking dead, SUITS) and also movies! I also love anime!
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Headphone Inventory

- Bluedio Turbine T2
- Beats studio Rev 2
- G EACH 2000 Gaming headset
- Vmoda m100 (Shadow)
- Audio Technica ATH-M50x
- Audio Technica AT300
- Sony MDR1A

Semi Open:

- Fostex T50RP MKIII (Cable/pads modded)
- Beyerdynamic DT 880 (600 Ohm)
- Stax SR-207 (Sold)


- Hifiman HE-400i (Sold)
- Audio Technica AD1000X
- Fidelio X2
- AKG K7XX (Sold)
- AKG K712 Pros
- HD 598 (Sold)
- HD 598SE
- HD 6XX
- HD 800 (SD Modded)
- HD 800S (Sold)


- Beats tour V2
- urBeats
- Razer Kraken Hammerhead pro
- Vmoda ZN
- Sony MDR XB50
- Apple earpods
- OnebyOne Bluetooth IEM
- Jaybird Bluebuds X2
- Sennheiser IE80 (Sold)
- Sennheiser IE800
- Noble Audio K10U Rose Gold (Returned/Refund)
- Rock Zircons
- Mee Audio PInnacle P1
- Shure 545 (Gifted to a friend)
- Shure SE846 (Sold)
- Audeze iSine 10 (Returned/Refund)
- Oriolus MKII
- NiceHCK DZ9
- Hisenior 1DD Punk
- KZ Ate Copper
- KZ ZST Carbon
- KZ ZS3
- KZ ZST Candy
- Auglamour R8


- Rose Masya
- VE Monk + (Modded - Recabled)
- VE Monk Cappuccino (Modded - Recabled)
- Ve Monk
- Auglamour R1X
- Musicmaker Tomohawk Z
Headphone Amp Inventory
- Little dot mKII
- Woo Audio Wa7
- Audio Technica AT HA2
- Nobsound NS08E
- Schiit Magni V2 Uber
- Aune X7s
- Audioquest dragonfly V1.2
- Creative Sound Blaster HDR2
- Asus Xonar STU
- Stax SRM-252S
Source Inventory
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 6
- Xperia Z
- TS Drena Multifunction DAC/Amp
- Schiit Modi V2 Uber
- Asus ROG 780JZ
- Woo Audio Wa7 Internal DAC
- Audioquest dragonfly V1.2
- Creative Sound Blaster HDR2
- Astell & Kern AK10-BLK
- Asus Xonar STU
- Aune X1s
Cable Inventory
Other Audio Equipment
Logicool 5.1 Surround desktop speakers
Razer Leviathan Sound bar
Creative Sound Blaster KATANA X
RODE NT USB Condenser Microphone
Samson Go Pro Condenser Microphone
Samson Meteor Condenser Microphone
V-Moda Boompro Microphone
Music Preferences
- Classical , Instrumental, Acoustic, Rock, EDM, RnB, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Alternative, Jazz, J-Rock/Pop.


“If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die.” 

― William ShakespeareTwelfth Night