Apr 29, 2010
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Air National Guard Full time Active

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    Air National Guard Full time Active
    Headphone Inventory:
    Bose QC2, K702, RE0
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    HR Micro Amp / DAC 06 Version
    Source Inventory:
    Laptop or Sansa Fuze, later upgrade to a digital out small source.
    Cable Inventory:
    I don't believe that calbes will provide a good value for me at my equipment level. I would much rather upgrade the equipment.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Home: Onkyo base level reciever with a decent Polk powered subwoofer. Not the best but good for the family and it is much better than the all in one systems that I tried before.
    Music Preferences:
    Classical / Enya and the like 50%
    New PoP, R&B, some Rap 40%
    Techno / Trance 10%
    Computer Geek, I like to build them the way I want.
    PS3. My old one just went out, but the new slim one seems like it will be more reliable. This is a pretty versatile piece of equipment.
    I am very busy with my 3 chilren, 12, 10 and a 3. Life is busy but it's great too.


    Home:  Desktop-->HR Micro Amp/DAC  06' version--> AKG K702On the Go:  Sansa Fuze / Laptop --> D-10-->  RE0 or AKG K702
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