Aug 5, 2006
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Retired and busier than ever

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    Retired and busier than ever
    Tube electronics, older Harleys and younger women
    Enough to keep me way too busy
    Headphone Inventory:
    HD600 & Cardas, K501 quad rewire w/701 pads, HD 580 w/600 screens & 2534 wire, K501 quad silver braid rewire w/701 pads, K240S rewire, DT770 w/quad rewire w/ Sorbothane damping & Paduka wood Cups, Martin/Rhydon/Jin, 2534 wire Grado clone. PS-500, modded Fostex T50RP Also Dabbling with Several other Grado's with testbed mods,. no Bose or Beats.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    DV336i w/Blackgares & Auricaps, Homebrew SEPP w/ 6SN7 in, 2 6H6P out, JFET/MOSFET Millett MAX, LD MKIII mod, Amb Mini3, Re-Capped TU-882AS, Reference amps are homebrew OTL's with power supplies suitable for welding and cost is never, ever, kept track of. :) + some other portable toys.
    Source Inventory:
    Cal Audio Sigma DAC & Delta Transport, Heart 5000 tube CD, Homebrew 8 paralleled 1543 passive R out, Other homebrew Tube CD's & reworked old Theta Cobalt DAC, Foobar USB DAC, ARC 6b preamp & Modded TD150 table with Cardas wired modded Rega 250 arm w/various cartridges. iH120 & iH320, & Some Alleged solid state A/V stuff that I have no recollection of :)
    Cable Inventory:
    Years and boxes full (I still have an old pair of homebrew welding cable w/Litz speaker cables when everyone was using zip cord in the 70's - packed in a box somewhere) :)
    Power-Related Components:
    A collection of ferro-resonant regulating transformers and homebrew 120V LC filter networks
    Other Audio Equipment:
    40+ years worth, I don't keep track of it anymore
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Snake oil remover & caig deoxit stuff
    Music Preferences:
    Incurable tinkerer and Master pack rat


    Lotsa' modded gear, I have a very hard time 'leaving well enough alone', and that had worked out well most of the time.
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