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    Need help with Audioengine A2 and DAC

    check out themacgroup there based in ottawa they have some stuff there...
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    How to clean Olives w/o losing foam's character?

    q-tips and some water is wat i do when they are dirty... happy cleaning!
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    Monitor Comparison !HELP!

    Im currently looking at two panels but they both seem like cheap TN LCD monitors... im looking at the... Samsung 2494SW Samsung 2343BWX all i can see different is that one is an inch bigger and costs $20 more for that one inch... other then that it looks to me they are both very similar...
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    Windows 7 on MSDNAA

    saw it going to download and install when i get home!
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    Best External HDD?

    for digital media storage, which is what your doing... get a WD Green Series Drive the 2TB/1.5TB/1TB any one would fit your needs, just make sure you get the updated ones and get a enclosure i would suggest: Vantec Nexstar 3/CX, Antec Veris MX-1, there is also another model with a fan that is...
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    Test of Time :-) SDHC Card Reliability?

    my patriot cards have never failed and i have 2*8gb and 3*16gb ones the only complaint i have is that they use the thin plastic housing other than that ive yet to have any problems with them...
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    Slim "laptop-type" keyboards

    i think this is what your looking for... Enermax KB007U Aurora Premium Black Aluminum Brushed USB Keyboard W/2-PORT USB Hub Audio I/O - DirectCanada
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    Anyone have any idea where I can get the Ultimate Ears 5 PRO LOCALLY in Mississauga?

    FS is a uber rip off though even if u get employee discount it works out to be almost 200 with tax...
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    Limited, wooden portable ATH-ESW10JPN arrives! (with pics)

    wouldn't AT release a consumer level one soon (relative) ie ESW-11? based on the ESW10JPN?
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    How many GB do you have with you on an average day?

    Cowon D2 - 4GB + 2*8GB SDHC + 16GB SDHC