Sep 21, 1962 (Age: 59)
Kalundborg, Denmark
Headphone Inventory
Present :
Sony MDR-Z1R with 4.4 mm Kimber Axios CU cable
Sony IER-Z1R
Sony WF-1000XM3

Jerry Harvey Audio JH13pro
Earin M2
Jays qJays V2

Past :
Sony WH-1000XM3
Sony XBA-Z5 with 4.4 mm Sony Kimber cable
Beoplay E8
Havit G1
Final Audio FI-BA-SS
HiFiMan HE-6 with balanced TWau Reference Eclipse cable
Ultrasone Signature Pro with TWau Reference Eclipse cable
HiFiMan HE-500 with TWau Reference Eclipse cable and J$money pads
Etymotics HF3
Fischer Audio FA-003 woodied
Tzar350 stealth
Final Audio Pianoforte VIII
Ultrasone Edition8 with TWag V2 Eclipse cable
HiFiMan HE-4
Lawton Audio LA2000 xlr
AudioTechnica ATH-L3000 with APureSound V2 xlr cable
AudioTechnica ATH-ESW9 with APureSound V3 1/8" cable
Grado GS-1000 with Black Dragon xlr cable
Grado SR80 ALO recabled and woodied
AKG K271
AKG K340 kt88 modded and recabled
Sennheiser HD25-1
Sennheiser HD650 HeadPhile woodied and recabled
Sennheiser HD545
Sennheiser HD414
Koss A/130
Koss A/250
Shure E4C
FutureSonic Atrio M5
FutureSonic EM3
UE 10
Westone UM3x
Etymotics ER4-S with APureSound Ety cable
Etymotics ER4-P with APureSound Ety cable
Headphone Amp Inventory
Present :

Past :
RudiStor RPX-100
iBasso D10 with HiFlight topkit
RudiStor XJ-03
Xin SuperMacro
Xin SuperMacro-III
Xin SuperMacro LE
Xin Reference beta prototype
Xin SuperMini-III
Xin SuperMini-IV
Xin SuperMicro-IV
Ray Samuels The Hornet
RSA The Protector
EarMax AE
Headroom AirHead (the original model)
iBasso D1
Source Inventory
Present :
Auralic Aries Mini
Sony NW-WM1Z
Apple iPhone8

Sony NW-A45
Audiolab 8200CD cd player and dac
Sony NW-ZX2
iBasso DX90
Audioquest Dragonfly V1
iBasso DX50
Apple iPod Classic 2009 240 GB
Whipmod 256GB ssd
Colorfly C4
HiFiMan HM-801 with balanced amp module
Aune X1 dac
Jungson CD2T with Amperex A2900 NOS tubes
Jungson CD2
Rega Planet
Apple 64GB Touch
Apple iPod 3rd gen
Apple iPod Photo iModded
Apple Nano 2nd gen
Apple Nano 3rd gen
Apple Shuffle 1st gen
iRiver H-140
Sony D-EJ2000
Cable Inventory
Present :

Past :
NLE-053 xlr
TWau Reference Eclipse mini-mini
TWag V3 caps lod for Whipmod
qusp Piccolino low profile lod
Nordost Valhalla
Tara Labs RSC Air 1 Series 1
QED Qnex
Chief Technical Manager, CDM A/S


Home: Auralic Aries Mini > Sony TA-ZH1ES > Sony MDR-Z1R (Lavricables Grand 4-strand silver 4.4 cable)
Home/Travel: Sony NW-WM1AZ (NP Audio EXPm2.5, Walkman One fw WM1Z, J3, PlusV2, Alt dac) > Sony IER-Z1R (Dunu Blanche 4.4 cable)
Home/Travel medium: Sony NW-ZX300 (NP Audio mod, Walkman One fw WM1Z, MX3, PlusV2, Alt dac) > Tansio Mirai Sands (Dunu Amber 4.4 cable)
Home/Travel light: Sony NW-A55L (Walkman One fw WM1Z, MX3, PlusV2, Alt dac) > JH13 ciem (Dunu Blanche 3.5 cable)
Portable: iPhone13 Pro > Sony WF-1000XM4 or Earin M2