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    K501, K240s or HD600 for just classical?

    I enjoy both the K501s and the hd-600s for classical music. I think which would be right for you would be based on personal preference. But to be honest, maybe you should just get the hd600s since you've already heard them and are pleased with them.
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    er4p or grado sr 80 for mobile use?

    I really don't think grados are a good option for mobile use because they don't block out outside noises. As a result, you must turn up the volume to hear anything which may cause earing damage. They also leak alot.
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    Better way to spend ~$275?

    Is there a reason you need to have an amp? Actually it's quite alot of trouble I think. Maybe you could just consider the er4/p? Since the 4G ipod is your main source this makes sense, but I found using er4s at home is kinda annoying because people call you or the phone rings and you can't...
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    HD-650 v. AKG k501?

    To be honest, I perfer the K501s over the 650s for classical music. I own both and find the K501s to be a good alternative to the 650s. I would agree with you that the 650's mid bass hump is somewhat bothersome at times. I think the K501s would be a great alternative for you. They are more...
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    What is wrong with my ears???

    If you can't really hear differences, you should be happy. You just saved alot of money!
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    HD650 for gaming?

    I use the 650s for gaming and they are quite good but I've never bothered trying to use them with an amp.
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    Upgrading from unsatisfactory eggos.

    If you are looking for bloaty bass I think you should go for the portapros which are quite easy to obtain in Canada. They'll be perfect because all you will hear is bloaty bass.
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    Vancouver Meet Impressions and Pics : May 14th, 2005

    Thanks to RMX for organizing the meet. I didn't listen to too much stuff because I didn't get much sleep the night before and was very tired. To be honest, I didn't really like the SA5k's that much. I thought the mids sounded kinda strange. It had alot of nice low end bass but it seemed some...
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    AKG K 501s

    Quote: Originally Posted by rab10 I am also curious about the K501's. How do they compare to the Audio Technica ATH-A900's? I have read that they are both good with the highs, and wide soundstage. The only thing that I have heard about the K501's is their questionable bass...
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    Advice on Hip Hop or Rap iPod Headphones

    I think the portapros would be a good as well except I don't think they are suitable to be worn on the bus unless you want to go deaf.
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    HD580 Questions

    Quote: Originally Posted by crewchief Also if you read on headphilie about the 580's they say that they are in the same "family" as the 600/650's and that the only way to tell a differance is with $10,000 equipment. I think you mean headroom not headphile =P
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    Portapro vs HD-497

    Quote: Originally Posted by arcadian_soul as quoted, they are pretty good all round. but they are not as fun to listen to as the portapros. yea the portapros are bassy, but then do u see that as a bad thing or not? will ur music sound better not as bassy? I dont' feel the...
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    Which mid level phones sound more accurate?

    I would say either the Beyer 880s or the AKG K501s. But I feel the 880s are more accurate than the K501s.
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    shipping headphones advice

    Quote: Originally Posted by apnk I shiped some headphones to Canada thru USPS 1st class (slower than Air) and they arrived in 10 days. Hmm maybe they finally cleared the backlog. That would be great news for us up North!