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    JDS LABS BLACK FRIDAY EVENT: Free 3.5mm cable just for visiting $99 O2 and $249 O2+ODAC!​    
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    LATEST: JDS Labs Updates for The Element

    Hm. That should not be happening, do you know which shop this was at? 
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    LATEST: JDS Labs Updates for The Element

    The community has spoken and we’ve responded. The Element by JDS Labs can now be customized with an automatic DAC line output, enabling you to toggle between active speakers and headphones with the press of a button.          The Element with this customization will retail for $349...
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    JDS Labs C5/C5D (pg96) portable amp/amp+DAC

    Quote: Hello! I am the Industrial Designer over here at JDS Labs. We love the ingenuity in this mod you did so I machined up a special end panel, I believe John shipped it yesterday. Hope you enjoy!
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    Post your computer specs!~

    i7 3770K    AsRock z77 Extreme 4 Samsung 250GB SSD WD Black 1TB  AMD FirePro V4900 Two Dell 2713 27" Monitors
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