Headphone Inventory
~in order of purchase~
(☑ = favourite)
☑ Koss Porta Pro (pulls on my hair, sound leakage)
☐ Audio-Technica ATH-AD900 (thin sounding at times, lack of bass, sound leakage)
☐ RE0
☐ Fischer Audio Eterna rev.1
☐ Sennheiser PX-200-II (recently revived. not too bad but doesn't isolate enough for portable use)
☐ Fischer Audio Silver Bullet ("You're Lucky!" promo edition, not that comfortable)
☐ Jays q-Jays (difficult to get a good seal)
☐ Beyerdynamic DT250-80 (midrange has a bit of glare, slight treble roll off)
☑ Ultimate Ears TripleFi.10 (recessed mids, or prepare to up the volume, not that comfortable)
☐ Monster iBeats (bundled with HTC Sensation XE)
☐ Ultrasone DJ1 Pro (occasionally has its good moments with soundstage, not that comfortable)
☐ Fostex T50RP (quite natural sounding, good ambiance. stock earpads aren't the most comfortable)
☐ Audio-Technica ATH-W1000X (can be great for vocals and can really get my toes tapping, wood finish is surprisingly durable *cough*, not that comfortable)
☑ Beyerdynamic DT250-250 (crisp and open sound. can be a bit bright without proper amplification)
☐ Sony MDR-V6
☑ Denon AH-D2000 with Denon AH-D5000 wood earcups (nice, warm and musical and with addictive bass) w/stock D2000 earcups (bass is tighter with better space, but overall sound is not as natural)
☑ Fostex TH-900 (your music with MSG sprinkled on top)
☐ AKG K340 (electrostat-dynamic systems, green dynamic driver housing, no text on headband) (nice soundstage but mids can be too warm, sound leakage)
☐ AKG K340 (electrostatic-dynamic systems, grey dynamic driver housing, "AKG" on headband) (a bit too much glare, pumping bass, sound leakage)
☐ Ultrasone Pro 900 (great performance even unamped. no real complaints, might lack treble sparkle, not that comfortable)
☐ Yamaha HP-1 (very nice imaging and especially layering, but treble is a bit dull or rolled off, not that comfortable)
☐ Yamaha YH-1 (slightly brighter than HP-1 which has a lack of treble, not that comfortable)
☑ Sennheiser HD 800 (VERY nice detail, layering, speed and clarity)
☐ Sennheiser HD 250 linear II (crooked headband. great sound. bought another one later on, not that comfortable)
☐ Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 (left-centre-right separation is good, treble not recessed as in measurements, bass extension is good but not prominent)
☐ Sennheiser HD 250 linear II (good detail and space, but sibilance at louder listening volumes, not that comfortable)
☐ Beyerdynamic DT 48 E, 200 Ohms (I always wondered what this one sounded like. It sounds just like it measures. There's emphasis in the midrange and at the high end of the treble spectrum. Very intimate and raw sound.)
☑ Apple EarPods (loose fit which means a loss of bass, but decent enough sound)
Source Inventory
(no clue how these are supposed to be)

☐ Audinst HUD-MX1
(powerful amp. Annoying pot.)

☐ FiiO E7
(plain sounding, but low impedance and digital volume control makes it good for IEMs)

☐ HTC Sensation XE
(grainy sound, output impedance seems to be too high for TF10)

☑ Jabra BT3030
(surprisingly decent sound for Bluetooth)

☐ DACport with headphone linearity mod
(forgiving, nice full sound, good PRaT/dynamics. Annoying pot.)

☐ HRT Headstreamer
(sound became fuller and less metallic/bassy after firmware update to 1.8; currently used with speakers due to convenience)

☑ Apex Glacier
(nice comfortable tubey, smoothed sound; quite nice layering and separation though general sound signature is V-shaped)

☐ Leckerton UHA760
(sounded a bit midcentric at first. Quite honest, but can be sharp sounding.)

☑ Lovely Cube Premium AD
(good separation. effortless and lush sounding. Most full sounding and my favourite for the moment.) (Makes Fostex T50RP MKII really snappy.)

☐ Geek Out 1000
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