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    Portable players that rip CDs easily

    Hmmm... a rockboxed iriver h120 optical in from a cd player with optical out.
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    prison sansa clip. hope he bought some prison koss cl20 with koss 60 ohm driver for a prison audiophile rig. He sould have went with a sony srf39fp. The srf39 radio gets 100hrs on a single aa and no bricking unlike the sansa . replace 2 capacitor with higher values like Dr. Xin mod and you have...
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    Toxic Cables, 1st Year Anniversary Competition. Amazing prizes to be won.

    Last minute entry. The cables looks great and french silk looks looks great, but need more of a signature look if you want to stand out.
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    Can the Read Speed of Micro SD effect Audio Quality?

    Most media players buffer to ram first, so it mostly doesn't matter.
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    CMOY with MOSFET Follower ...

    isn't a mosfet buffer cmoy just a tori amp?
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    YouTube-can't see videos with IE but can with Chrome

    chrome has flash plugin intergrated in the browser, so it's separate from other flash installation. Try reinstalling adobe flash.
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    EarPods - Apples newest entry into IEM

    In the teardown, they describe the driver as paper, but I believe it might be bio-celluose. If we assume that they still use fostex as their OEM and that fostex used bio-celluose in the Denon D1000, Creative Auravana Live and etc. The earpod drivers diaphragm looks like it might use the same...
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    My META42 has a hiss (buzz) when no music is being played. Why?

    well the hissing on mines is very minor when I pair them up my superfi3 which are the most sensitive earphones i own, but absolutely no buzzing. I forgot what gain mines was set at. It's absolutely silent when pair with a 300ohm sennheiser. coupling caps block dc offsets voltage that alot of...
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    My META42 has a hiss (buzz) when no music is being played. Why?

    You need to watch what source to use with a headsave meta42. My headsave meta42 doesn't have coupling caps. also more than likely the gain is set for larger fullsize headphones
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    Which Class of 32gb microSD card for music player?

    class 4 is faster for smaller files than class 10. for larger file class 10 is superior.
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    How should I improve sound quality for Sennheiser HD 600 without spending a lot of money?

    opamp rolling on the fiio e9, but you might have a latest production fiio e9 with soldered down opamps. you might want to crack it open for a look before buying new opamp.
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    Should I sell my Beats Pro for AKG701?

    No, sounds like a pair of grados might fit you better. A lot of people buy the k701 without the proper gear to support it.
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    Sony MDR-7506 vs. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. Which is the better headphone?

    Had the mdr v6 and the hd280. The v6 has survived while the hd280 lies in pieces. build quality of the v6 is superior in my case. The bass of the hd280 was more impactful and the isolation was better, but to my ears the hd280 sound was un-naturally colored. I perfered the v6 for it's better...
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    Tiniest portable amp?

    Off the top of my head xin supermicro varies versions fiio e3, e5 and e6 fireye mini Travagan's Colors Govibe mini, Govibe single Hippo box  
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    I Break Earphones - Best Buy for 20 quid ($30)?

    You could go wireless but I can't think of anything wireless that is decent for under $30