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    EMM Labs DAC2X slays all comers - and wallets .....

    Are u sure these 2 make streamers ? From what I know they only do DACs and other power conponents !
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    EMM Labs DAC2X slays all comers - and wallets .....

    DAC2X v2 on its way now. Streamer will be added later. For now I will probably use my Macbook and the CDSA as a transport. Linn doesn’t seem to be so popular among enthusiasts and don’t know why. Well regarded Streamers are Aurender, Auralic, Melco, CAD, Lumin, Innuos, Antipodes, Taiko.
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    Benchmark HPA4 Headphone / Line Amplifier Impressions

    Yes, I was surprised too as I know the specs and measurements. However, used as a headphone amp with the same Emm Labs as a source, the sound is much better and has none of the weaknesses noticed on the speaker setup.
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    Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread

    Claire HPC mk2 for my HD800 arrived few days ago to replace my deteriorated OEM cable (the rubber on the upper part of the cable, where L & R split, started to age and crack). I've made comparisons on :   1) PC + Benchmark DAC-1 USB 2) EMM Labs CDSA + Bada PH12   1) Difference is noticeable...
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    High quality CD burner for X99 motherboard

    Not enough room for both and besides it's useless to block it just for this task as it will fibd better use at my office.
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    High quality CD burner for X99 motherboard

    Hello guys,   My old computer needs to be replaced as it's 10 years old. I'm now using the famous Plextor Premium 2 to write CDs for my Emm Labs Cd player. Unfortunately, the X99 motherboards only have Sata, while Plextor needs Ide. I'm now facing 2 options :   1) Finding a IDE to SATA...
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    [FS] DNA Sonett single ended for EU

    I'm selling my Sonett wich has been purchased about 3 months ago and has less than 30 hours of listening on it. The amp costed me about 1500 Euro (amp + shipment + taxes) and I'm looking for 900 Euro ! The amp is for EU (220/230V) !
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    The Sennheiser HD 800: The First Listen, The First Review

    I'm enjoying the HD800s for several months now so they had time to fully break in. My DNA Sonett is also here for about 2 month and I had time to compare it side by side with my old Bada Ph-12. Knowing the glowing review the Sonett got around here I was expecting for the Sonett to blow away my...
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    In search of some good XLR interconnects

    Quote: Originally Posted by mofonyx You could always go to your local audio shop and ask for a demo before you purchase. They would usually let you test it out on your system before you commit. Interesting..didn't know ED is also making cables. Will take them into consideration...
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    Benchmark DAC1 now available with USB

    1) I am using a desktop 2) Other devices connected through USB would be mouse, keyboard and printer (99% of the time turned off) and memory sticks (also rarely used) 3) The problems generally occurs when a program that has sound is running like foobar or VLC (movies) or different games. If I...
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    Benchmark DAC1 now available with USB

    Hi guys. A while ago I was reporting a problem with my Benchamrk as follows > each time I opened the computer I had to unplu and replug the USB cable from the DAC to the computer, otherwise I had no sound. In the meantime, I upgrade d from XP to Windows 7 and now I have another problem. I do...
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    Benchmark DAC1 vs Marantz Sa-11S1 vs Meridian G08

    From what I've heard, Bel Canto is very similar to Benchmark in sound !
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    Benchmark DAC1 vs Marantz Sa-11S1 vs Meridian G08

    I totally agree on Benchmark's brightness. I would like to keep its detail while adding some refinement to sound. I also feel the lower side of the spectrum lacks both level and speed !
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    Benchmark DAC1 vs Marantz Sa-11S1 vs Meridian G08

    That's pretty cool, knowing the Marantz can be had for a little more than the price of a new DAC-1 now ! Can you define a little the differences between the 2 ? Also, what amp and speaker/headphone were you listening to ?