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    Roll Call: Who's building, built, or thinking of building a beta22?

    Okay. Missed the part about using the higher resistance output resistors. If using default .47 ohm resistors my statement stands.
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    The Sennheiser HD 800: The First Listen, The First Review

    I wonder why a Honda Civic drives just fine with a canoe on the roof, but doesn't seem to pull a 35ft powerboat very well. The canoe only cost $500 vs $300K for the power boat. I don't get it, the canoe was cheaper.
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    I think he died in a freak gasoline fight accident.
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    Do you know who built this BH ?

    Quote: Yes, I built this amp about three years ago while deployed to Iraq. 
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    is the Total Airhead supposed to act like a cigar?

    Was it even a DC power supply to begin with?
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    Post pics of your builds....

    Quote: Originally Posted by Fitz What about helicopter audio? It's really frick'n loud. It's when it goes quite you have to worry.
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    Post pics of your builds....

    An auto alternator is a A/C generator with a simple bridge rectifier to produce DC. The Sigma22 (or any good DC PS) has a bit more going on to filter the ripple Not that I know anything of car audio.
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    ...Pico Slim vs RSA Protector!

    Why not just take the scientific method and calculate what the actual loss is for a given gauge wire would be versus the other? Quote: Originally Posted by Ray Samuels If it is that way why don't we all go to Radio Shack & wire our systems with that craps. This will be my last post...
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    ...Pico Slim vs RSA Protector!

    Quote: Originally Posted by belac If we don't listen to the impressions of the people that visit this site on a steady basis then what are we doing on here. The trick is finding the ones who's tastes align to our own and filtering out the noise of all the attention whores and...
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    ...Pico Slim vs RSA Protector!

    Quote: Originally Posted by travisg I will say this and let it go,everyone who has heard the protector has been blown away. Skylab has said that this amp is in a league of it's own.... Nothing personal against him but he also thinks Darth(Barf) Beyers are the bee's knees. So I...
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    The RSA Protector balanced portable: Images and impressions 1st page, Please post your impressions . .

    Quote: Originally Posted by markmaxx I must say it does feel funny, that jamato8 has been called a "shill for RSA" and now Ray from RSA sends him (jamato8) the prototype to give us listening impressions. I'm sure your not the only one that thinks so.