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    My 7 yr old daughter now has a favorite headphone and amp!!!

    i can imagine it now, instead of wanting clothes or jewlery or toys for birthday and christmas, shes going to want some audio gear!
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    Headphones you regretted buying the most

    ath-es7. VERY uncomfortable, hurts when u wear them. headband comes out making it look weird, ear cups can get finger prints or smudged or scratched VERY easily
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    Beyerdynamic Bass comparision

    Quote: Originally Posted by jageur272 Do people not realize how old threads are?? This one is almost 4 years old... Last time the OP logged in was nearly a year ago. Also: EYEdROP, way to recommend a headphone you have never heard. the first thing he stated was that he never...
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    what sub $100 grado should i buy

    well i think the sr80i is just $99 so yea
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    The DT990/600 impressed me

    ah very nice, quick shipping for u too! its gonna take about a week for mine to arrive. but no worries, my little dot mk2 is still on the way as well, so no point in getting the cans early. and im glad u like the deal! edit: also, i really hope that i will like my set up too! i hope this can...
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    SOLD: Audio Technica AD900 (pics!) SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Hi there, i am selling a pair of used ad900's. They have been in a smoke and pet free environment. I owned them for about 4 months. I give them a 9/10 for condition. The reason is because when you hold up the headphones, the left wing will automatically hang down. However, when you put the...
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    Question about DT990

    hi there, im considering going with the 250 ohm version now that i realize i prolly wont/cant afford to get a amp/dac that will drive the 600 ohm version to potential. also, most of my music is not in super high quality flac or anything, so i thought maybe the 250 ohm version will be more...
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    ZERO dac vs Musiland 02 monitor (dt990/600)

    no worries about the straight forward answer, i havent even bought the dt990/600's yet actually. i want to make sure that i know what im going to get for everything before i purchase. ok so since u say i need a desktop amp, do u have any in mind that would drive them properly? i thought maybe a...
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    Very old dt880. What do you think about it?

    i think those would need a nice amp
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    ZERO dac vs Musiland 02 monitor (dt990/600)

    also, would the musiland 02 be able to drive the 600 ohm version well?