...quality-fanatic on the quest for perfect sound....
... alternative history...
Headphone Inventory
- 2x AKG K-1000 (one "pronounced bass" version, one "normal")
- Denon AH-D7100
- 2 x Denon AH-D600
- Denon AH-MM400
- Audeze LCD-X
- Audeze Sine (with Cipher)
- Fostex Massdrop TH-X00 Mahogany
- Fostex T50RP mk3
- Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium (32Ohm version)
- Shure SE846
- Shure SE535
- JVC HA-FX1200
- Hifiman HE-400
- Hifiman HE-500
- AKG K-702 (bass-mod)
- Bose QC15
- 2 x Koss Porta Pro (one "standard", one "anniversary")
- Klipsch x7i
- 3 x Monster Miles Davis Trumpet

...and some others that might rather not be of interest here...

Owned previously:
- Beyerdynamic T50P
- Sennheiser IE800
- AT ES7
- AKG K-551
- Sony XB1000
Headphone Amp Inventory
- ifi iDSD micro
- Sennheiser HDVD 800
- Woo Audio WA6
- Musical Fidelity X-CAN V2
- FiiO Mont Blanc
- 1980s Mission Cyrus One which I only use as headphone amp
- MC30's speaker terminal in combination with a Hifiman adapter

- Abacus Line Driver
Source Inventory
- Astell Kern AK100II
- iPod 7 Classic 160gigs and several other Classic and touch iPods
- Cambridge ID100
- Acer Aspire R7
- Korg DS-DAC-10R (is acyually an ADDA which I use for digitizing vinyl LPs, but also serves well as DAC and headphone amp in my main rig)
- Analogue via turntable

Previously owned:
- Krell Kid
- FiiO X5
Cable Inventory
A bunch of pure silver DIY, some balanced Gryphon & NordOst
Power-Related Components
Audioplan & Xindac power purifiers
Other Audio Equipment
- Micro Seiki DDX1000
- Benz Lukaschek PPA1000
- Benz Micro Glider
- Benz Micro ACE
- AT 33EV
- AT OC 3/5/7/9
- Ortofon SPU #1e
- Ortofon MC200
- Ortofon MC20 Super
- Ortofon Fuge
- Krell Kid (disposed, iPod plug repeatedly broken)
- Cambridge ID100 (digital docking station)
- Jeff Rowland Capri with internal Phono-Pre,
- Restek Tensor
- Hifiman Adapter
- Focal Solo6BE
- Backes & Müller U-SUB 2
- Audio Pro B2-50
- Linaeum 360degree bookshelf speakers
- Aurasound "LS -SAT6" (with Linaeum Tweeter)
- Velodyne Ultra 1000

- Abacus Prepino RC
- Abacus Ampino
- Elac 310 Jet
- Velodyne "Microvee"

... and lots of DIY speakers and stuff...
Audio-Related Tweaks
Music Preferences
Any genre, as long as there is subjectively sufficient muscal quality. But frankly, blues, especially all that audiophile sentimental "...those were the days..." stuff, is not my piece of cake.
...books, books and books... :-)
... mainly breathing...