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    Amp To Compliment Atrio M5?

    True. Which DAP would you recommend then? Right now I use the Sony NQZ-S639. It has a basic EQ but is there something better?   The only reason I'm looking an amp though is because when I fly on a plane or take a public bus the low rumble of the engine drains out the low bass that Atrio...
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    Amp To Compliment Atrio M5?

    Hi everyone,   Ok so let me start by saying my only experience with portable headphone amps is a FiiO E5. I like the portability and the sound. The problem is, when used with Atrio M5 there is a problem. The bass boost of the FiiO (even after long burn-in) puts a HUGE boost on the...
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    Playaz N1

    Thanks guys. I ended up getting TM1Pro+ (by accident) but hopefully the "+" version is just as bassy and good quality as the regular TM1Pro's.   I'll compare them to my Atrio M5's after I get them and burn them in.
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    -+-!SOLD!-+- FS: *PRICE DROPPED* Sony S639 (Like New, Only Used Twice)

    Interested users please PM me. I have users that you may contact that will confirm my previous sales on this forum.
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    -+-!SOLD!-+- FS: *PRICE DROPPED* Sony S639 (Like New, Only Used Twice)

    Bump... still for sale! Price reduced to $60 (shipped)!
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    Futuresonics Atrio M5

    Hey everyone, Got my M5's the other night. I'm still burning them in but of course I had to test them out a little (I couldn't help msyelf) and I LOVE them. I use an iPod Video (5G) with the Atrios to listen to music (unamped). Is this the best player to use? Or is there a portable player...
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    Just got my Atrio M5, which foamies are best for me?

    Hi everyone. I just got my Atrio M5's last night and I'm burning them in now. Let me start by saying, flanges are not for me. As we all know (atrio m5 owners) the foamies that come with them are just not the right color, and won't last long. I have heard that the Shure Black foamies are...
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    ***SOLD***FS: 5 Extended Bass Headphones + Carrying Case + All Tips (Price Dropped Again!)

    SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE IF INTERESTED These are the headphones for bass lovers! Besides great bass quality, they are great sounding headphones overall (in my opinion). Price : $115 (shipped) I am willing to negotiate price Payments via PayPal only and ships to US and Canada only.
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    ***SOLD***FS: AKG K 181 DJ (Perfect Condition) *PRICE DROPPED*

    SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE IF INTERSTED I'm selling my K 181 DJ because of money issues. I will miss them but I kept them in perfect condition so someone will enjoy them as much as I did. Price : $100 (shipped) I am willing to negotiate price Payments via PayPal only and ships to US and...
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    Is this the cable I need?

    Hi, I want to use my amp3 pro2 player as an amp for my ipod 5th gen. Will this cable do the trick? ALO Audio Thanks
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    Bassiest (32 ohm or less) over-ear headphones???

    So what then determines how "loud" it goes? Sensitivity or something else? Because what i want are very bassy (thump, deep bass) in headphones that go very loud. (and I want them over-the-ear, no IEMs)