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    Review by 'MundoHiFiOz' on item 'Cat Ear Audio MIA'

    Cat Ear MIA review About me: Music lover and earphone reviewer, most of my previous reviews are in spanish Disclaimer: Cat ear audio sent MIA in exchange of my honest opinion Gear used: Hiby r5, fiio q5s, tempotec IDSD plus, fiio m3 pro and xiaomi redmi note 5. About Cat Ear Audio (CEA): Cat...
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    Cat Ear Audio MIA

    Specification: Driver: φ8mm Dynamic Driver Frequency Range: 16-22,000Hz Impedance: 16Ω±15% Sensitivity:105dB/mW Distortion:<1% Plug:3.5mm stereo,golde-plated Type:Closed,In-ear Earphone material: Aluminium Sandblasting Cable material: OFC silver-plated, -196℃Cryogenic treatment Cable length...
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    AUDIOSENSE in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    Awesome pal, agree with you about the cable. Hope they improve the cable or at least include 2 of them like in t800
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    Hi Jason, I'm a subscriber of your YouTube channel :)
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    Sony MDR-1A upgrade

    Sony's 1am2 sounds great with the 4.4 cable. Also x2hr are a good choice for your m11pro
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    What's your favourite iem for around 300$

    This is my first post. Currently my favourite iem around 300$ is audiosense t800.
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    first post

    Those stax are beautiful! Enjoy
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    What is a good headphone to play games?

    Phillips shp9500 is a great option
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    Looking for a entry level DAP

    Hiby R5 is a great option for 300$,
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    $300-$450 IEM?

    Audiosense t800 and dunu dk2001 are my favourites in this price range.
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    New Member Introductions thread

    Hello, I'm an earphone lover and currently waiting for audiosense aq7
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    AUDIOSENSE in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    Can't wait to have my aq7 at home. I'm not expecting something like t800, instead I just want a new experience