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    FS: Pup DAC

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    SOLD: Curryman USB based DAC

    Dropped to $SOLD or a reasonable trade will be entertained...
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    FS: Pup DAC

    bump - price drop to $60
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    SOLD: Curryman USB based DAC

    So after being my workhorse for the better part of 4 or so years it's time to offer this one up. This is a Curryman DAC... look it up on diyaudio. Or here. This project was done when the ESS ES9023 and JG Filter Buffer were all the rage. It's a really good sounding DAC with a filter / buffer...
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    FS: Pup DAC

    I have for sale a PupDAC built by myself in 2012 I think. This was a prototype unit built to test things out before Tomb put up boards/kits on his store - The DAC is powered by USB and has a PCM1794 DAC chip in it. It can feed two amps simultaneously via 1/8" jack and RCA. Here's the...
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    SOLD: AMB Gamma 2 DAC

    This has been my backup unit for years. I've since built more elaborate DACs that this rivals. I could go on and on about what this DAC is about, but see for yourself... Selling it for $SOLD shipped CONUS and tack on some shipping for WW. Power adapter not...
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    WTT Large iSine Hooks for Small iSine Hooks...

    I have a set of the newer (curved) large iSine hooks and want to trade for the smaller sized hooks. Hit me up via PM.
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    Audeze iSine 20 – Standard Cable

    You've got PM.
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    FS: Gamma-2 DAC

    Bump. Price Drop.
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    2nd Annual WickedSchiit Meet - New England - Nov 10th, 2019

    Admittedly didn't read through the thread... but I'll be there. Just have been slacking lately when it comes to Head-Fi, etc. I'm going to bring a few DIY amps - 6DJ8 transformer coupled for use with high impedance cans. Also The Wire - a wire with gain - style amp similar to the O2...
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    Didn't you say the V1s would eventually get metal clips as well. Or did I misunderstand?