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    SOLD(Price drop) hd800S + or - draug 3

    Hi I'm looking to sell my hd800S($1000). It is only a few months old and it's in mint condition. There is no scratches or chips visible. I have the original box and the manufacturer single ended cable. I sold the balanced cable because I purchased a balanced norne draug 3 ($150)(black/gray)for...
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    SOLD: ZMF Aeolus Sapele

    does it have the magnesium chassis or stock?
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    WTB schiit gungnir multibit USB gen 5

    Hi I'm looking for a gumby gen 5 multibit.
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    Grace SDAC

    Would you he willing to go to $50? And I'll buy it right now
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    Grace SDAC

    Is this the balanced version?
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    I'm looking to sell my audio gd nfb28.38. It's about 1 year old and I'm the original and only owner. Its in mint condition and has all the upgrades plus remote. PM if interested. Thanks Pics-