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    Under $20 IEM or earbud

    Heard a lot of bad things about the fit on the 8320s so I don't want to take a gamble Someone above said fx1x, so I think I'll go with the fx101 and just eq some of the bass out if it gets overbearing on my bebop
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    K 240 Monitor to DF modification

    Ordered them! They will come in this week! 2 final questions… I'm so eager to see how this will turn out… 1: Are the drivers easy to take out? These are my first pair of actual headphones :I 2: Should I burn them in BEFORE or AFTER I cover the hole?
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    K 240 Monitor to DF modification

    Wow it was right in front of my face the whole time :I I stared at that picture for like 10 minutes Anyways when my 240S comes in I'll be sure to try this little mid and report back There's not a chance that the felt pad could deteriorate a bit and gunk up some of the driver's innards is there?