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    What to put next to the recliner in a quiet room?

    Decided to try Volumio (Free) on a Cubox ($150) with my Music Streamer II Can be controlled via basically anything else on the LAN. I am quasi comfortable with Linux so... worth a shot anyway.
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    What to put next to the recliner in a quiet room?

    My home theater room has a PC w/Music Streamer II -> Headroom Little -> few different sets of cans (Senn 580, Grado SR325 among others). Everything is under a little end table to the right of the recliner. Complaints with this setup: 1. PC is aging and takes a while to boot 2. PC has a little...
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    DX90. 2X Sabre,1st page: Downloads, info&inst. . ! Lurker0 FW Mod link 1st page !!. .NEW FW! 2.3.0 . . . . .

    I just upgraded from an iPod Touch 5 Classic (CF mod + Rockbox) + Rock IT R-50 as my main portable rig to the DX90 + Senn IE 80s. WOW!!! HUGE UPGRADE!!! :D I have Senn HD 580s and Grado SR325s and a couple nice home desktop DACs/amps but had no idea it would be this much of a jump for my...
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    Objective 2 Amp

    Same as the amp I bought less than 1 month ago here:   Its fine.  I just find the sound too clean.  I like my stuff a little warmer.  And I thought I was going to use it for two...
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    Brainwavz M2 - BARELY used

    I went on a little kick and bought 5 different IEMs over the last few weeks.  These just aren't to my liking.  They are fitted with Comply TX 400s.  Essentially new condition.  Will send via USPS priority mail envelope.
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    Rockit Sounds R-50 Reviews and Impressions

    I have had mine for about a week.  Also just rockboxed a clip+ for the first time in that week.  The R50 sound a lot fuller with the Future Sounds foamies recommended earlier but still don't pair as well with the clip+ as my Hippo VBs.  My iPod video on the other hand (also rockboxed), they...
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    Rockit R-50 IEM Foam tips?

    Yep.  No listing.  There is no diameter info on the site or the packaging.  
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    Rockit R-50 IEM Foam tips?

    Hey gang,   I essentially always need foam tips for IEMs... I have big honkin ears and I need something that expands to keep them in place/get a good seal.   Can anyone link me to or give me good search terms for tracking down foam tips that will work with these?  I really like Comply...
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    Go-Vibe 5: What!Mate?!

    I posted a long first impression post above (6-8 posts up) and I am back after 5 days to say... well spent. I'm using this Low Imp GV5/IEM combo more than any other setup I've ever had (except my home stereo and EMU/desktop amp/full size can stuff). Its so portable. So awesome. I'm...
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    Amp suggestion for: iPod + ER-6i + TurbodockII

    Ohhhh, I didn't realize Ray had built something in this class. I met him a couple years ago at a Nashville Head-Fi meet and all his stuff sounded wonderful. I'll have to shoot him an email. EDIT: EEEP! $350 retail
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    Amp suggestion for: iPod + ER-6i + TurbodockII

    I have the Supermini 1.0 and even with new batteries I never use it because of the noise The noise isn't audible in SR325s or Senn 580s but in those IEMs it is clear as day. Went though some rough spots financially this year but now I can spend some dough to get something listenable...
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    ~$100 IEM for use w/iPod + XinSuperMini?

    Howdy, Superficial Headroom browsing and dashing around the fora seem to indicate this will come down to either the E2c or the 3. I've already emailed Turbo about a dock -> 1/8" out adapter. I've *really* gotten in to poker and though I love my Grado325s and various Senns, they're...
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    Quality recording, bass guitar rich, clean... bluesy? rock

    I just listened to "My Lovely Man" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers off of the Blood Sugar Sex Magic album about 10 times in a row. Holy crap. My eardrums are bleeding. But man... I haven't enjoyed a recording/listening session that much in a while. I DEMAND YOU SUGGEST STUFF IN THE SAME...
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    Static/Clipping in sound playback w/2 different cards

    My 1212 died (cap popped off the card and I don't have the skills to solder it so the part with the 1/4 jacks is sitting out till I can get it to someone to patch it). So I'm down to "regular old" sound cards for the time being. Fortissimo III for a Revolution 7.1 and even a Sonica all have...