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    2 free tweaks for speaker-fi show noticable improvments in sound

    Speaking from my experience in technical support for DSL, I've found that placing a DSL modem/router directly on the floor can and will increase the amount of electromagnetic interference encountered by the modem, dramatically decreasing DSL and wireless performance. I'm sure the same principle...
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    Xbox 360 + EMU 0404 USB

    Still haven't gotten it working, though I've been sick these past couple days and I'm at work right now. I'll see if I can force the 0404 to do 48 kHz and see what happens.
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    Xbox 360 + EMU 0404 USB

    Okay, so I've got an optical cable going from the 360 to the 0404 USB. S/PDIF mode set to optical. 360 is outputting digital stereo. Neither direct monitor modes output anything. :[
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    Xbox 360 + EMU 0404 USB

    Not sure if this is the right forum (the Xbox 360 is not a computer and I've seen various PS3-related posts here), but here goes. Is it possible to use the Xbox 360's optical output with the EMU 0404 USB's optical input? Right now I've just got analog cables running from the 360 to the 0404...
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    Buying Without Auditioning

    All of my audio gear. My crap phono stage, my turntable, the PA2v2, my HD580s, my old (no longer mine) HD280s, and the 0404 USB that I just pulled the trigger on which should be here tonight. (Too bad I have to work.)
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    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Just pulled the trigger on an 0404 USB.
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    So I finally bought the HD650 cable...

    Long, long ago, the plug on my HD580 cable decided to suck (left channel would cut out 99% of the time), and I never got around to buying a replacement, until about a week ago. I bought the HD650 cable and the 1/4" to 1/8" adapter (with the short length of cabling between). They arrived, and...
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    SLR or DSLR?

    DSLRs are neat and all, and definitely convenient (and I'll probably pick one up within the next year or two), but I still love my film.
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    Stuff to do in San Antonio

    Then you'd never have to worry about having to come to San Antonio ever again ;D
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    Stuff to do in San Antonio

    Taco Express has some really good breakfast tacos if you happen to be around in the morning. Really cheap, too. (Around $2.50 for two tacos and a drink if I recall correctly.) Mmm. Breakfast tacos.
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    Stuff to do in San Antonio

    Come visit me. (I think I'm the only SA Head-Fier.) But in all seriousness, there is nothing to do in San Antonio. Run away as fast as you can.
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    I just got a job!

    First day was yesterday, went pretty well. The manual for the first week of training is about 700 pages or so, about a fifth of which we covered yesterday. We were supposed to get our ID badges/key cards yesterday, but the IT guys apparently left before our trainer could get around to it. As a...
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    Tablet PC-fi!

    Shouldn't be a problem with the new Wacom digitizers instead of the Finepoint crap. And the three-year extended warranty.
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    I just got a job!

    Quote: Originally Posted by bhd812 congrats, oh and start shopping for Lamborghinis now... Lamborghini headphones, maybe...