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    Discrimination Against People With Nice Cars

    I think that one thing to realize is that a Lotus Elise really isn't that expensive of a car. Yes, it is a luxury car, but it doesn't cost more (45k) than a loaded BMW 3 series (60k) or even a mid Mercedes (55k) or Lexus (45k). The car looks flashy, but isn't that expensive. 6k in damage to...
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    Replacement Foamies

    Hey, Does anyone know a place in Hong Kong where I can get replacement foamies for my e4s? Mine are getting gross and I didn't get the replacements I ordered from Ety before I left. I use my phones a lot and won't be back in the States until January, so I need to find a place either here or...
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    Studying headphones??

    Quote: Originally Posted by fappar Ahhh, bingo. How are the UEs and the Shures for long term, comfortable use? I have the e4s and use them for about 15 hours a day. I could probably wear them 24 hours a day, but I feel that I have to have some social time with others . c
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    questions about Shure e3 and e4

    I have the e4s and the Sony Vaio Pocket. I love the way it sounds with all of my music and they aren't underpowered at all. One of the things that really matters is getting a good deal when you have IEMs in - I didn't for the first couple of days and when I finally got them in correctly, I was...
  5. mrcheese321 E4's!

    I received mine today as well. I've never had any other canal phones, so I can't compare, but these are really good with respect to sound isolation. I can't hear anyone else talk/myself type and when I locked my car, I couldn't hear the horn either. I have really small canals, and am using...
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    Carrying case for the sony VAIO pocket ?

    I just purahsed a Caselogic MP3 case. It isn't really something that you can clip to your belt of anything, but I travel with the entire package - dock and all. It has 4 pockets (it is made for the ipod so it is that size), but any of the other three pockets fit the unit nicely. I have it in the...
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    Headphones for Bed/Sleeping (wireless) Please Help!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by mikeliao Any full sized headphones won't work if your friend rolls around a lot. Then...pretty much all the wireless headphones I've seen are full sized. In wired headphones.... I know the Shure E2/3/5 fit comfortably when you sleep on your side. No...
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    List of PIMETA Makers?

    okay, thanks for the help.
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    List of PIMETA Makers?

    okay, the only PIMETA maker is JMT then? He is the only person that I see on the Mall-Fi Board. c
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    List of PIMETA Makers?

    I'm looking for a list of people who do custom PIMETAs I want to get some estimates on one. TIA
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    Sony Vaio Pocket 40gb 249.99 straight

    I've heard "no" on connecting non-sony digital cameras. My question is, If you purchased one of Sony's Multi-slot memory stick readers, hooked that in, and then put a CF card into the CF slot, would it transfer over what is on the cards. Because if that is the case, then you can make any...
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    Sony Vaio Pocket 40gb 249.99 straight

    Is the dock on this thing just a regular AC jack? I might have to make a battery pack for it to drive the line out in the dock for when I'm flying. c
  13. mrcheese321, e4c, or er-4p for sony vaio pocket

    I haven't heard it yet, so I don't know. The reviews say that it is a warmer sound that is "typical sony" whatever that means... It was given really good reviews and that coupled with the space, I had to just buy it Thanks everyone for the imput on the headphones. I'm going to go and...
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    Need help: E4C, UE Super.Fi 5 Pro, UM2?

    If the UMs weren't in the picture at all, but you added the Etymotics ER-4P/S, what would everyone say? I'm kind of in the same position where "fun" listening + comfort is more important than having something very detailed. I also have mostly lower quality mp3s which is a concern and I...
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    Total Portable Audio Rig

    Cool, I will probably order one this week and play with it to see if I like it. c