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    Which Driver for Radeon 9800 Pro?

    Omega's are overrated IMHO... 1. Use latest Catalyst (6.3 atm). Use only the display driver from ATI (no CCC). You could use an older version of the display driver with a card like the 9800 Pro but the performance benifit will be marginal to non existent, check this link from AT (it covers...
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    Sam and Max return...

    Two replies? And one of them about a dead dog? Thought people would open bottles of champagne and dance naked in the streets... Well I'm gonna party like it's 1999! Wohooo!!! The only thing that could be better than this would be Monkey Island 5...
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    Sam and Max return... Quote: Q: Will Telltale’s game be based on the cancelled Sam & Max Freelance Police game? A: Cancelled Sam & Max Freelance Police game? What cancelled Sam & Max Freelance Police game?
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    most essential 80's film

    though one... If we're talking american movies it is "Platoon" as far as I'm concerned. If we include international movies my vote goes to "Idi i Smotri" also known as "Come and See".
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    Which source of computer information do you trust?

    hehe... I noticed your presence on these boards a while ago. Almost the same strange nickname. What are the odds?
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    Which source of computer information do you trust?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Welly Wu Elec: I hear you man! Today, I was over at Anandtech and I was reading the review for the new AMD Athlon64 3800+ X2 dual-core chip when I realized two things: 1. Anandtech probably did not have the actual physical CPU to test with, 2. some of the...
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    Amplifier hiss

    It's not a detatcheble power cord. And it doesn't carry any earth. Normal swedish power outlets are non-earthed (of course power outlets in kitchens etc are earthed). I've checked the insides of the amp and nothing seems lose. Since I don't have a circuit diagram I just don't know where to...
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    Amplifier hiss

    This concerns my stereo amplifier but I thought I could use the immense knowledge of the Head-Fi community non the less. Today I noticed a hiss coming from my left speaker. It's barely audible at low/mid volume levels but increasing the volume to mid/high levels makes the hiss extremly...
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    The Fog of War

    Recently attended the annual movie festival in my town. I saw a lot of great movies (both fiction and non fiction). But the Fog of War was the cream of the crop. One of the best documentaries I've ever seen. Highly recommended!
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    Evidence for a Grado HP-1000 Successor!

    Suspense... Drama.... Intriques.... Best thread ever!
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    Best XO (cognac)?

    Quote: Originally posted by grinch vodka > * Yeah your custom title says it all. Quote: Originally posted by grinch hmm, course there is that bottle of remy martin louis xiii downstairs...
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    Best XO (cognac)?

    Quote: Originally posted by john_jcb I have had this on a couple of occasions and nothing else compares. It is so smooth. Arrggghhh!!! Noooo! Thanks for the C-D tip. Although they wont ship outside the US... So far...
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    Best XO (cognac)?

    Hello! No I dont have the money to aford a Remy Martin Loius XIII! (Okay perhaps I do but I wont spend that kind of cash on a bottle of booze). I'm really a "single malt" type of guy but I've tried several cognacs, including "Grönstedst Extra" (excellent Swedish blend) and "Martell Cordon...
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    your favorite movie that no one's ever heard of

    Quote: Originally posted by Tomcat "Andrei Rublyov" by Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky (1969). "Andrei Rublev" is my favorite movie of all time! The best photo ever in a movie? (okay perhaps shared with Citizen Cane) Tarkovskijs masterpiece. (Although "The mirror" and "Solaris"...
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    Help me find closed, circumaural headphones

    The replacement for the HD545 was the HD565. Virtually the same headphone. The HD565 has also been discontinued. So yes the store in question is selling 4-5 year old headphones.