Head Gear Reviews by Mr.Sneis
  1. PS Audio - PerfectWave DAC

    4.50 star(s)
    I sold my PWD.  It's definitely NOT because I didn't like it; it's actually a terrible story and now I really regret letting it go, especially for the price I ended up getting for it :(   I haven't owned tons of DACs like some on these boards, but I've had at least enough to tell when one is something special.  The PWD is definitely one of these DACs.  I would say this even though it wasn't the ideal source for all scenarios; when feeding my pre-amp, a power amp, or powered speakers it seemed to lose its magic.   The PWD by no means perfect...
  2. Grado HP-1000

    4.50 star(s)
    Rigg: FLAC, Stello DA100 Signature (optical), RSA Raptor   It's a bit scattered but here are my notes on the HP-2:   Bass kick is there but doesn't carry weight emphasis (Listen to Chemical Brothers ~ music: Response), quantified in between the hd600 and hd650, would venture to say the bass sensitivity of hd800 (aka 0% bloat) is lower and fuller.  "Punchy" but not for bass lovers.   Details: in this tier of headphone detail retrieval leaves nothing to be desired, you can hear every bit of everything.   Nowhere near the speed of hd800, I know...