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Feb 18, 2010
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    Gaming, computers, cars, photography, history.
    Headphone Inventory:
    In Chronological order from oldest to most recently purchased: Head Direct RE0's, Audio Technica ATH-M50's, AKG 340's, Sennheiser HD595's, JVC HA-S400's
    Cable Inventory:
    Monoprice cable (I don't buy into high end cables - can't hear a difference and I'm not rich enough to buy cables just because they're pretty)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Main System:
    -Denon AVR-4802 THX Ultra 7.1 Receiver
    -Infinity CS3008 Crescendo Speakers
    -Eosone RSP-912 Subwoofer
    -Sony DVP-NS3100ES SACD/DVD player
    -Sony RX77ES Cassette deck
    -Pioneer PL-71 Turntable
    -Pioneer CLD-D701 Laserdisc player
    -Black Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB
    -PS3 80 GB backward compatible and SACD capable
    -Wii U 32 GB Deluxe

    Computer System:
    -Integra DTC 9.8 THX Ultra2 Processor
    -Threshold Stasis-3 amplifier
    -ATI AT1506 amplifier
    -B&W DM602 S3 mains
    -B&W LCR600 S3 center
    -Def Tech surrounds
    -Definitive SuperCube II Subwoofer
    -HT Omega Claro Plus+ soundcard.

    Bedroom System:
    -HH Scott 480A Integrated Amplifier
    -PSB Alpha SE Speakers
    -Technics ST-9030 Tuner
    -Denon DCM-520 CD player
    -Denon DRM-540 Cassette deck

    Stuff in storage: JSE Infinite Slope 1.8 Speakers (1st Edition), Genesis IM-8300 + Servo 12 Subwoofer, Anthony Gallo MPS-150 subwoofer, Sansui B2101 + C2101 + D99X, Sansui 1000A tube receiver
    Music Preferences:
    Hardstyle, Electronica, Progressive rock, Alternative rock, 80's music (Primarily Synthpop and Pop but also classic rock), Foreign Pop music (French and German so far), Jazz (Smooth, Big band, Bebop, Fusion), New Age (Vollenweider primarily), Old School rap (Late 80's through the 90's). There's a lot I like, only stuff I really don't like is this rubbish music they play on the Hot 100 stations where almost everything is autotuned and Country (With exception to Johnny Cash).
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