I like the Grado sound with some Sony as well,

In the end shure is pretty much the answer haha
Obviously listening to music
I appreciate spending time at the shooting range improving my aim and I also enjoy machines as well
Headphone Inventory

shure srh840
Grado sr80e
Grado sr325is
Grado sr225 (sold)
Sennheiser hd439
Sennheiser amperior
Yamaha pro 400 (sold)

In ear monitors:

Shure se215LTD
Sony xba 1
Sony Xba h1
Sony Xba 3ip
Sony Xba h3
Sony Mdr 7550
Audio technica ath ckr9
Headphone Amp Inventory
C&C bh (sold)
Fiio e11
Fiio e6
Headstage arrow 4g (sold)
Source Inventory
iPod video 5.5 80gb
RWA imod (sold)
iPod photo 4g 60gb
Sansa clip+
Fiio x3
Fiio m3
Ibasso dx50
Ibasso dx90
iPod touch 4 64gb
iPod touch 5 32gb
iPhone 6 128gb
Sony Walkman F887 64gb
Cable Inventory
eBay son
Power-Related Components
I'm not sure what this means, I guess my truck is a power related component lol
Other Audio Equipment
Way to much
Audio-Related Tweaks
Cmon really
Music Preferences
Hard rock, heavy metal, classic rock ect ect

I like to jam man
A classic bolt action rifle with iron sights
I make name plates, graphic overlays, signs, labels, and panels for an ISO 9001:2008 certified OEM