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    New Sennheiser PXC 480

    Let me guess: 490 NC or N60?  
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    New AKG K495 and K490 Noise Cancelling Cans

    Just to resurrect this issue, and make it known that AKGs response to this matter is completely unsatisfactory.   I had them replace the original set of phones that were broken, but actually had to give them back to the person who gave them to me since I had no receipt. They were really...
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    Suggested Speaker for Fiio X3

    Just got a Sony XRS X5 unit, which I had eyes on, but didn't want to pay $200 for. They just dropped the price to $128, and that is a good value. Oddly, the smaller X3 is still at $125, which makes no sense.   Excellent bass, will do the "room filling" thing if you need to, and has a warm...
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    Suggested Speaker for Fiio X3

    Thanks again for all this info- these are great products I didn't know existed. But again, having TWO bookshelf sized speakers is too big a footprint.   Let me pitch you this- since this is for the kitchen or "casual" use- how about using ONE Monoprice or JBL speaker and just keep it to mono...
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    Suggested Speaker for Fiio X3

    These are great speakers, and thank you for introducing them to me. But they're too big for my purposes.,
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    Suggested Speaker for Fiio X3

    Yes, folks, a thread on (gasp!) SPEAKERS!   You see, listening to music with headphones is very nice, but it's also very SOLITARY. Sometimes, we like to share music with friends and loved ones and what better way than with FLAC encoded music you spent all this time building up?   I've been...
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    Album Art in EAC

    Hi there,   it what must be the most confusing and conflicting set of instructions ever seen, I can't get album art to appear on my rips using EAC. The FreeDb system FINDS the art just fine, but it won't embed the art into the downloaded file. Oddly, it worked well when I first started using...
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    Cheap Storage Costs Will Liberate High Quality Audio

    With the cost of digital storage plummeting- just picked up a 64 Gig Class 10 SD Card for $34.00, price matched at Staples- the raison d'etre for the existence of the MP3 codec is fading fast. Time was you were amazed at your little Rio player's 256 MB card, and how many tunes you could carry in...
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    SONY NWZ-A10 Series

    This A series looks good, and I have a bit of buyer's remorse about buying a Fiio X3. This has a better interface, and you can "one hand" the controls. CNET reviewer wanted a touch screen. Are you kidding? Anyway, with 64 mb included, this looks like a good deal.
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    The Fiio X3 Thread.

      Count me in. Every time I have EQ controls, they wind up being great for certain albums and artists, and ruinous for others, so you have to back and readjust . It's overkill, unless you're willing to constantly fiddle with the device. Would rather just listen.
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    I Think We're Being Had

    Just bought a new Fiio X3 to enjoy my music, and I've been busy ripping everything to FLAC files. Happy with the results. I follow Chick Corea on line, and he just released a new solo album. I've owned and listen to plenty of his stuff, so don't know if I would buy more.   An MP3 download of...
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    The Fiio X3 Thread.

        EAC uses the FreeDb system to capture album art and song titles- it works well, but it's not transmitting the album art when I drag and drop onto the card. Song titles are sent though.
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    The Fiio X3 Thread.

        While we're on the subject, the album art is not transferring to the X3 on my FLAC converted files. It's not a big deal- the song title is there anyway. But if anyone knows why this is happening, please advise. Using EAC for conversion.
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    The Fiio X3 Thread.

    I think so- if I read you right, the headphones DRAW the level of power from the amp. (maybe....)
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    The Fiio X3 Thread.

    Noob question- the X3 was delivered today, and I'm charging it.   The specs say the headphone impedance range is 16-300 Ohms.   It also states:   Output Power 1 > 540 mW@16Ω      Output Power2 > 270 mW@32Ω      Output Power3 > 30 mW@300Ω        Does this mean the output...