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    The Stax Thread III

    We can be pleased that Stax did these two products: D10 & D50. High quality design and product. With integrated dac and acceptable prices + Guarantee. Extremely balanced and transparent sound. Make a blind test with other combinations of amplifiers and dacs, and you'll be surprised with the...
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    The Stax Thread III

    iPhone 7 (digital output), Onkyo dpx1a (analog output).
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    The Stax Thread III

    Stax SRM D10+009 - big home-hotel portable, Shure kse1500 - real portable.
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    The Stax Thread III

    Hi, I just got the new Stax SRM D10. I was looking for the battery capacity and I didn't seem to find it, I am wondering how long does the battery last and what is it's capacity.
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    AKG's New Flagship IEM - N5005

    Great ! :gs1000smile: on my wishlist.
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    AKG K812 Pro, underrated?

    Well said.
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    Introducing the STAX SRM-T8000 - Head-Fi TV

    Does anyone know, if T8000 will be presented at the Munich High End Show on May this year?
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    Introducing the STAX SRM-T8000 - Head-Fi TV

    I just sold my SR007TII, I wonder what it will cost in Europe?
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  10. Headphones Full-Size (Community Gallery)

    Headphones Full-Size (Community Gallery)

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    Mytek Announces Clef Mobile MQA DAC/Amp @ CES 2017

    Should be out in april. I'm waiting and will buy it as soon as possible.  
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    CES 2017: MQA announces TIDAL Masters, and more

    Tidal Streaming: 24/352,8   MQA  ! Congratulations and thank you to all the teams : Meridian, Tidal,  Roon(hope soon), Mytec     
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    Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

    Connected together; low cost solution for now: