Listening to music Listening to music Listening to music
Headphone Inventory
No.1 === Stax SR 009 (for me: THE BEST OF THE BEST !!!)
No.2 === AKG K 812
No.3 === Stax Lambda Professional

No.4 === Audeze LCD XC carbon

No.5 === Shure KSE 1500 (for me: The best IEM !!!)
No.6 === AKG K 3003
No.7 === Shure SE 846

- Beyerdynamic dt 1770 (boomy)
- Sennheiser HD 800 (early version)
- AKG k3003i earlier version(sold and bought a new k3003 verison)
- Audio Technica ATH-AD2000x
- Audeze LCD XC early model
- Sennheiser HD 800 (2015)
- Beyerdynamic dt 1350 with balanced Moon Audio Silver Dragon headphone cable (super - will buy it again)
- Beyerdynamic T50p (didn't like it)
- Beyerdynamic T51 (better, but not as good as 1350)
- Beyerdynamic T1 (nice in balanced mode)
- AKG K 701
- Dita Answer, Truth
- Inear Stagediver SD2s
- Stax 007 mk I, (borowed - I will buy one when I find the 70.000 Ser.)

my first HP: Sennheiser HD 540 reference !!! from 1984 (payed 250 german mark) I suposse I always was a headier at heart!) will keep it for ever.
Sennheiser HD 530 (don't use it)
Headphone Amp Inventory
=== Stax SRM 007tII
=== Stax SRM 323
=== PrismSound Lyra

Stax SRM D10 (new miracle - MAGIC !!! for the price and practicality)
iPhone xS

Tidal streaming Lossless

Mytec Brooklyn
Sennheiser HDVD800
Stax SRM 007TII
Chord Mojo
LAB 12 otl HPA
Phonitor Auditor
Beyerdynamic A1
Burson (many)
Fiio e 12
Vorzuge Pure II
Onkyo dp x1a,
Source Inventory
Studio - Audio Interface/Preamp/Mixer/DAC/ADC: Prism Audio Lyra
Mutec MC3usb+ (master clock for Genelec)
Macbook Pro 2014, Macbook air 2015,
streaming: Tidal, Roonlabs, Amarra 3, Audirvana+

Antelope Zodiac Platinum Voltikus (Sold),
Antelope Zodiac (Sold)
Totaldac D1 (gone)
Tuner: FM Revox B261 (for live classical concert program)
Turntable: Kuzma stab S+ 12 inch stogi
Phono: Micro Groove + mkII

Onkyo DP X1 A, iPhone 7, iPod touch 5, (not any more: iPod classic 5th Gen. with wolfson)
Cable Inventory
Audioquest & USB, Audioquest Coffee Usb, Kimber Usb, Sommercable XLR, Furutech evolution II
Power-Related Components
Furrutech Evolution, Powercons direct to electricity box.
Other Audio Equipment
Genelec 8351 & 7370 x 2 (Coaxial 3 system compact monitor + sub ) Together 1.500 watt
Macbook pro - Audirvana 3, (Amarra 4 Luxe), Tidal streaming + Roonlabs Library - Audioquest Coffee usb - Digital: Mutec MC 3+ USB - Aes/ebu - Genelec 7370 x2, digital Sub -Aes/ebu- Genelec 8351 left, right, analog: Mytec Brooklyn dac.
Special dedicated music room - Studio - Controled with the Genelec GLM 2.0.SET. Reverb time 0,3- 0,4

SOLD: Focal Twin6 BE
(in the past: many big brand name passive loudspeaker as a Wilson Audio Watt Puppy...Sold all !) Prefer pro audio gear: Active monitor loudspeakers.
Audio-Related Tweaks
Special dedicated audiophile studio room + Genelec GLM 2.0.SET.
Music Preferences
Classical music (baroque, classicism, 21 century), Jazz, R&B, pop, Choral music, rock, progressive rock, Vocal, Electronic and much more...

Sound Preferences: I prefer the most neutral sound as possible. It's a fun to listen "big sound" and boost the bass on some other "big" headphones, but not more then 5 minutes.
Like extremely tight and well controlled sound, so I can hearing exactly what you're recording or what's on your recording. Want to be close to music as much as possible.
No time for other Toys.
ex professional musician


"[size=1em]Music is an amazing thing. It doesn’t exist as a stationary object. It moves in real time and can be uplifting both to the player and the listener" Keith Jarrett. [/size]