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    Bass Boost Schematic
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    MicroCap Graph
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    RCA-RCA cables

    DIY A/V RCA Compression Connector Cables
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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    DIY A/V RCA Compression Connector Cables
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    balanced power supply

    Thanks for the links, VC. With commercial units going for $2-3K, this is a great choice for a DIY project. The toroids Equi=Tech is selling on their website have the Plitron logo on them, btw.
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    balanced power supply

    Looks great, VC. Can you tell us more about the power filters you used and post a schematic? Yikes Balanced Power Supply Yikes Balanced Power Supply 2nd thread
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    DIY A/V RCA Compression Connector Cables

    You can make cheap audiophile quality cables comparable to expensive designer cables. F/BNC/RCA compression connectors assemble quickly and easily with common varieties of coaxial cable and grip with 360° high strength retention, resulting in more reliable and robust connections than solder...
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    PINT or Mini^3???

    PINT Observations Posts 13 and 45
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    PINT Observations

    Teerawit, the ferrite beads are required, not optional. Leaving them out will result in oscillation that can easily toast the opamps. This oscillation can be caused by an unterminated cable on the output, among other things. We blew over a dozen opamps testing so far, and we have a scope...
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    TPA6120 or LT1210 ?

    I have no websites with storefronts or profit margins because I do not sell anything. I have never sold any pcbs or parts, nor have any intent to do so. I am not paid by anyone. I participate in community service projects to learn and have fun while contributing to the community.
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    NEW BEYER REFRESH TOO! 990, 880, 770!

    I asked beyerdynamic about the availability of the new 600Ω DT990. The German office has not replied to my email yet. The USA office has not heard of the new 600Ω DT990 and suggested they were only available in Europe. I pointed them to their own website: Click...
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    LM317 battery charging circuit.

    Quote: How did you calculate the VBmin and VBmax? Vbmax was measured across 2 (7 cell) fully charged Accupower NiMH 9V batteries while on C/20 trickle charge. A C/3 load was used to drain the batteries until the voltage rapidly plummeted and was disconnected at 12V. A C/5 charging...
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    LM317 battery charging circuit.

    Accupower makes 1000mAh (1Ah) AAA NiMH batteries. If you wanted to use resistive charging, how about this: 14 cells, 1Ah each C = 1A (current to charge battery in 1 hour) C/5 = 200mA (reasonable starting current) C/10 = 100mA (reasonable average current) C/20 = 50mA (reasonable ending...
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    Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. -The Wizard of Oz The A-B switch boxes discussed in the following referenced threads are designed to switch between headphone amp outputs in order to compare one amp to another. Since some amps such as M³ and PPA use 3 channel topology, it is...