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    Tube amp or Solid State for Grado 325i?

    I've not heard 1 amp better than the RA-1 with the sr325i personally. Synergy is just obvious with that choice. I have not heard the gilmore lite yet though, so keep that one in mind
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    Just thought I'd share this...

    the important question here is "was she cute?" :P
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    Extremely n00bish question about the Raptor/sources

    u need interconnects, thats all. digital connection is between the source and dac. you connect the digital out of your soundcrd to the dac via toslink or coaxial. for dac to amp, or dvd player to amp, interconnects are all thats needed.
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    Singlepower MPX3 vs Emmeline II The Raptor

    I'm also looking at the Woo Audio 2 which is in the same pricerange. Any thoughts on any of the 3 amps would be appreciated
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    Singlepower MPX3 vs Emmeline II The Raptor

    Could someone do a short comparison please? I'm looking to buy either amps, and as they both cost about the same I am not sure which amp would be more suitable for my setup (look in signature). It would be something like: Audiophile USB coaxial out-->Blue Dragon Digital coaxial...
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    Suggestion for <$1000 DAC???

    They may sound better to your ears because you dont like analytical sources, but in terms of sound quality the DAC-1 is above the other DACs in its price range, its been discussed and reviewed more than once.
  7. morphie Of my almost complete speaker rig....Help much needed

    Quote: Originally Posted by GoRedwings19 Morphie>That amp looks sweet. I wonder what tubes it uses. There are a lot of amps being produced in China and they have fantastic build quality and very bang per buck. Give it another year or two and they will be hammering the big boys. They...
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    Suggestion for <$1000 DAC???

    The best DAC I've heard under 1000USD was the DAC-1, and I believe it is not my opinion only. Check into it and try to audition
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    Is an amp worth it, I listen at low levels

    I'd say try a tube amp, if you dont think its worth the money forget about amps.
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    EarMax "Anniversary" Edition + DT 880

    Hey if your wife doesnt know about your PayPal money and it happens to be a wide enough sum to buy goodies, go for it all the way :P I know I would
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    Ever question your headphone preferences after hearing good loudspeakers?

    Its a very interesting story. I personally built my setup on the bright side and am everyday amazed at how much i enjoy my speaker rig. Slowly but surely, I'll start upgrading power amps and preamps and wont worry about headphones anymore :P
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    Portable tubey?

    I dont but I believe you ^^
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    Portable tubey?

    I found something fun on eBay:
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    What Headphone is the Worst for the Price?

    The worse price/performance combo I heard was the RS-1s. They're outrageously high priced imho. I'm sure the effect is worse with PS-1s though.