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    Can someone help me understand the wiring on these headphones? Looking to mod.

    I'm trying to turn a sennheiser GAME ONE into a wireless headset for a maximally comfortable daily zoom driver. I've got a wireless module that works, but now that I'm trying to actually direct wire everything I find myself confused by the wiring layout. The headset has a one sided cable on...
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    (Closed) MDR-SA5000 Denon AD-H5000 Sony XB1000 DarthBeyer V3

    I'm interested in the SA5000. Also located bay area. PM me how much you are looking for. Also have various trades to offer.
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    se535 lover looking into CIEMs...need some advice

    I'm looking to take the dive into CIEMs, but I have a lot of options in front of me. I had a pair of se535s for a few years and I adored the sound, but the comfort of an UIEM always bothered me. I finally sold them, but always wanted get a CIEM some day. If I could get the se535 sound in a...
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    beyerdynamic T5p: Photos and first impressions.

      Non-existent ;)   I'm not generally a believer in cable impact, but now that I've got this rigged up, I'll probably make a silver wire with HD800 connectors and do some real testing with a distribution amp.
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    beyerdynamic T5p: Photos and first impressions.

    Finished modding my T5Ps.  Thanks all for the information earlier in this thread, it made the process much more manageable!   They are sounding great, and the new cable feels much better.  Should be able to stick them comfortably in a slappa case now too!  
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    Just finished my T5P mod with HD800 connectors!

    Dear lord, those things are hard to solder.  The cable is just a generic mogami mic cable with an amphenol plug and ALO HD800 connectors.  Not the cleanest Y joint, but I can live with it.  I finally figured out some good solutions to the T5P specific challenges.     1.  Used HD800 connectors...
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    Magni incompatible with T5P?

    It could be any of the joints to the hd800 jacks, since they are pretty small.  But, the tapping doesn't do anything on my Valhalla, or logitech amp.  Only the Magni.   I suppose I'll open it up and try to get a little bit cleaner joints on the pins, but I still don't understand why it would...
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    Magni incompatible with T5P?

    Well, I brought the t5p back to work today.  They work normally with my Valhalla 2.  It looks like the problem is isolated to t5p + magni.  I will try again with the custom cable when I finish it, rather than the stock HD800 cable.
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    Magni incompatible with T5P?

    How could the connectors on the headphones be fundamentally balanced?  I thought balance was just a function of using a balanced cable and a balanced source?  In all cases here, I am using the stock HD800 cable which uses a common ground.
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    Magni incompatible with T5P?

    That's a good thought.  Is there any way I could go about checking this?  Both of the cups are doing the same thing, so whatever I did is probably the same on both sides.  Seems unlikely that I botched a joint in that case, but rather that my methodology was somehow wrong?
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    Magni incompatible with T5P?

      Problem is, the re-cabled t5p works perfectly out of a different source powered to the same volume level.
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    Magni incompatible with T5P?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I wasn't sure since it involves both cans and source gear.  I'm getting some weird behavior after re-cabling my t5p.  I just finished installing HD800 connectors in each cup, and I'm now testing the t5p alongside my HD800 with my home rig.  When I run the t5p...
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    Schiit Valhalla 2 for IEM & low Ω anyone?

    I spent a few hours listening to my T5P through the Valhalla 2 on Friday.  My initial impression is that it sounds quite warm, warmer than the original Valhalla.  That said, the low gain setting seemed great for the T5P.  Comfortable volume was around 11-12 on the pot, and there was no...
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    NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

      I did the same thing for a couple of minutes with an A/B box.  They were almost identical, but I did notice an audible difference in snare drums.  They were definitively less "sharp" on the vali, which may be better for some folks.  Might be less fatiguing for longer sessions.